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Where one size can fit all

When it comes to business software, you typically either get ‘vertical’ software, designed to meet the needs of a specific industry, or ‘horizontal’ software, which has the purpose of serving a small piece of your business.

Instead, we have created something truly different: a software that takes a more holistic approach to the needs of your business and is flexible enough to service the needs of a host of different industries.

We've broken the mould - why don't you?

Find your industry:

Audio Visual

Do you want to get your business running in Ultra HD?


Do you want the right foundations to build your business?

Engineering & Manufacturing

Would you like a software which runs with clockwork precision?

Fire & Safety

Would you like to extinguish human errors in your business?

Gas, Plumbing & Heating

What if your business could flow as smoothly as running water?

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Why wouldn’t you want a software which is like a breath of fresh air?

Information Technology Services

Imagine having all your business information in one place?

Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Want a software which eats and sleeps business

Lighting Supply & Installation

Are you looking for a brighter way of working?

Office Furniture

Would you like processes that flow like a well designed office space?

Print & Graphics

Would you like your business run from just one software package?

Promotional Merchandise

The promotional merchandise market is fast moving – and standards need to remain high at all times.

Property Maintenance

Would you like to maintain your customers & processes as well as you do property?

Security Installation & Maintenance

Do you want a software, which takes security seriously?


What else can we say? Want to take a break from business admin?


Have you discounted the fact there is a whole business software for you?

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