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Where one size can fit all

When it comes to business software, you typically either get ‘vertical’ software, designed to meet the needs of a specific industry, or ‘horizontal’ software, which has the purpose of serving a small piece of your business.

Instead, we have created something truly different: a software that takes a more holistic approach to the needs of your business and is flexible enough to service the needs of a host of different industries.

We've broken the mould - why don't you?

Find your industry:

Audio Visual

Do you want to get your business running in Ultra HD?


Do you want the right foundations to build your business?

Engineering & Manufacturing

Would you like a software which runs with clockwork precision?

Fire & Safety

Would you like to extinguish human errors in your business?

Gas, Plumbing & Heating

What if your business could flow as smoothly as running water?

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Why wouldn’t you want a software which is like a breath of fresh air?

Information Technology Services

Imagine having all your business information in one place?

Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Want a software which eats and sleeps business

Lighting Supply & Installation

Are you looking for a brighter way of working?

Office Furniture

Would you like processes that flow like a well designed office space?

Print & Graphics

Would you like your business run from just one software package?

Property Maintenance

Would you like to maintain your customers & processes as well as you do property?

Security Installation & Maintenance

Do you want a software, which takes security seriously?


What else can we say? Want to take a break from business admin?


Have you discounted the fact there is a whole business software for you?

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Work Anytine, Work Anywhere

Work Anytime, Work Anywhere

Login on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone and conduct your business wherever you are.

Upload files, photos and notes directly from your device, and use speech-to-text functionality to input information, saving you valuable time.

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