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Zigaflow enables you to quickly produce quotations that will impress your potential customers and secure more business.

How we can help your AV business

The audio-visual market is a specialised and highly competitive space.

Your potential customers need to be well informed to fully understand the value you will bring to them when choosing your business to supply their audio-visual products and services.

To give them all the detail they need in a clear and easy to understand format, and provide them with a level of service beyond your competitors, Zigaflow is the software you need.

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    Track your enquiries

    Handle sales leads, your survey or design process with easy to use drag and drop pipelines. Have unique steps to handle different types of enquiries, and gather all the right information along the way.

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    Build your quotes

    Quickly add products or services from your item catalogue. You’re in control over how quotes or proposals appear. Quote sections allows you to break down your quotes by room. You can include sales and service agreements on the same quote and give each its own appearance.

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    Create your contracts

    Quickly add Service Contracts or Hire agreements can be created in a click. Have contracts electronically signed, generate recurring invoices and even create jobs for your annual service visits without lifting a finger.

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    Manage your workload

    Schedule your jobs, create multiple workflows for different types of jobs, for instance to separate installation jobs from maintenance visits or call-outs. Use projects for a birds eye view of all your jobs, quotes and more.

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    Power up your purchasing

    Send RFQ’s at the click of a button to one or more suppliers. Send and track purchase orders which can be created quickly from a job, or standalone. As stock comes in, you can quickly book in items and add information like serial numbers, MAC addresses and more.

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    Delivery & Installation

    Pick items from stock at the click of a button or allocate specific products for a delivery. Track all of your deliveries and installations with multiple options for electronic sign off.

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    Track equipment lifecycles

    All of the products you have delivered to your clients with unique serial numbers are tracked independently, allowing you to quickly identify where they were purchased from, if any contracts exist, when they were sold and much more making maintenance and customer service a breeze.

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    Support your customers better

    Track every support request from your customers with the support tickets module. Use these to monitor your service levels and provide customers with automatic updates on any outstanding issues.

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Upload and use your own templates

Design your own templates within Microsoft Word then can be uploaded to Zigaflow

Include your own branding and logo as well as system tags to populate your templates such as product/services and overall price and tax breakdown

Templates can be uploaded for:

  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • Contracts
  • RFQs

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