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There is more to lighting than pendants and bulbs (we know they are really called lamps).

Getting lighting right can make a huge difference to a customer’s space whether that be residential or commercial.

You know this, we know this, and you need to be able to make your customers understand this in as clear a way as possible.

Now, demonstrating the effect of lighting in a PDF quotation is not the easiest, however you can include links within PDF's and emails to take customers to videos of examples of your work.

Managing lighting projects can be complex, quite often having to make several visits to site for first, second & third fixes (sometimes) more. Working around contractors, dealing with customer changing their minds.

Using Zigaflow, you can manage each part of the customer journey from a sales lead, through a quotation, on to installation, invoicing, purchase orders, on site work and more. You can even track servicing contracts you may wish to offer and product warranties to give you more of an edge over your competitors.

Bring Your Documents to Life

  • Use product images on your quotes and other documents
  • Swap between different quote appearances for different types of client or project
  • Use different terms and conditions for each quote or job type
  • Create your own PDF quote templates
  • Add product specifications to your quotes or let Zigaflow do that for you from product specifications stored in the system
Bring Your Documents to Life

Freedom To Customize

Not happy with look or design any of the templates on the system? Simply create your own using Microsoft Word and upload it to Zigaflow.

Start by downloading one of our existing templates and edit, add and modify to your hearts content as long as you follow our template guidelines.

Add photos, adjust layouts and change fonts.

If you have an existing design for your quotations, invoices, etc. and would like to carry that over into Zigaflow, contact us and our team will recreate it in Zigaflow to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Freedom To Customize

Workflow Made Easy

  • Group quotes or jobs together as projects
  • Add products and services from your price list or add one-off items to your quotes and jobs
  • Bundle items together to add to the quote or job with one click
  • Automatically apply volume discounts to your prices
  • Email your quote, job confirmation and invoices to your client with the click of a button and see when they have opened them
  • Allow clients to change and update their quotes online before confirming and optionally paying by credit card
  • Convert quotes to jobs with one click
  • Create purchase orders (PO’s) with one click, copying all relevant details over from the quote or job
  • Monitor PO’s on one screen to ensure they are delivered when you need them
  • Track all your jobs and quickly create delivery notes
  • Create invoices from jobs and invoices and send directly to your clients
  • Export invoices to your accounts system with a click of a button
  • Manage your stock through from PO’s to your delivery notes

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