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Why you should partner Xero with Zigaflow

Xero is great, and we love it. As far as accounting software goes, it has a lot to offer—but one of the biggest advantages when you use Xero is all of the connected apps which you can use alongside it to get the most from your experience.

We have lots of customers using our software parallel to Xero, and the reason is simple: Xero is a fantastic accounting software, but it’s not the main software package to run your business on. While accounting is important, there is so much more that goes into running a business. Your marketing, sales, operations, customer service: all of these need more than you can get from the average accounting software.

Import Customers

Import clients, suppliers, and products into Zigaflow while pushing your invoices and purchase orders into Xero.

2 way synchronization

Push updates on customer records from Zigaflow to Xero, and update invoices in Zigaflow when paid in Xero.

Track Your Purchase Costs

Create and track Purchase Orders in Zigaflow, and push them into Xero at the click of a button.

Xero fuss necessary

Connect your Xero account to Zigaflow for the ultimate business management system.

Handle all of your processes across sales operations and service, all of which is customised to suit the way your business works.

Automatically create and send invoices from quotes, sales orders or jobs based on rules you choose. Post these invoices into Xero account without lifting a finger, and work through your bank feed in zero to update the corresponding records in Zigaflow.

Use this integration to save time across your whole business, increase your sales, and keep your customers coming back for more.

What Xero customers want

  • A way to make better looking sales quotations & proposals
  • A way to manage customer orders, jobs & projects
  • More flexibility around document templates like invoices and purchase orders
  • Better support for multi-currency, inventory management & stock management
  • A way to speed up back-office processes
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