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Easily manage your customer jobs, orders & projects while maintaining your use of QuickBooks online accounting package.

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QuickBooks Integration with Zigaflow

QuickBooks online is a fantastic accounting software full of excellent features, and a collection of partner applications like Zigaflow to further enhance your business. QuickBooks customers use Zigaflow as their primary business software.

Your numbers are important, but this extends beyond the information you can get from your accounting software. Leads, Sales, Orders, Jobs, Deliveries & Projects all need a way to be managed and tracked—and Zigaflow is the answer

Import Contacts and Suppliers

Import clients, suppliers, and products into Zigaflow and push your sales invoices, purchase orders and supplier invoices into QuickBooks.

Your branding

Get your quotations, invoices, purchase orders and email communication in your own branding.

Track Your Purchase Costs

Create and track Purchase Orders in Zigaflow and push them into QuickBooks at the click of a button.

What QuickBooks customers want

  • A way to make better looking sales quotations & proosals
  • A way to manage customer orders, jobs & projects
  • More flexibility around document templates like invoices and purchase orders
  • Better support for multi-currency, inventory management & stock management
  • A way to speed up back office processes

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