Stripe Integration

Take payments in your sleep

Why you should use Stripe

Stripe is a card payment processing service which is designed specifically for use with software platforms like Zigaflow. Their processing rates are notoriously low at a base rate of 1.4% + 20p (GBP) on all transactions.

In Zigaflow, you can take payments from the quotations and invoices that you send to customers, which are taken in a secure online payment page. Customers who make a card payment against a quotation are committed and less likely to cancel, and immediate payment gives you a way to process their orders at amazing speeds.

Secure payments

Stripes secure API and online payment methodology is fully PCI-compliant and removes the need for taking payments over the phone.

Fast Cash

Stripe pays out the value of your transactions with fees deducted at source, so you get the remaining payments paid into your bank within five working days.


Our integrated dashboard is designed to show you your Stripe payment history within Zigaflow, so you never miss a beat.

The benefits of connecting to Stripe

  • A faster way to commence customer orders
  • An additional way to take customer payments
  • A simple, easy to understand dashboard
  • Fast turnaround on cash pay-outs
  • A way to take payment your customers will love
  • Improved credit control
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