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Build confidence with your customers

You’re busy on-site, we get it. But it’s still important to focus on winning future contracts. With Zigaflow you can quickly produce detailed quotations & proposals including images, drawings and policies to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

When the rule of three applies, the clarity and presentation of your sales documentation will communicate the professionalism of your approach and quality of your construction.

There’s extensive documentation required to assure the client and structure your procedures. Ensure documents that are required regularly such as risk assessment and method statements, environmental policies and work sign-offs, are in one place for accessibility and transparency.



Build efficiency into the quoting process so that you can spend less time on standard documentation and more time on the unique elements that will really impress.



Keep customers continuously informed by setting up automatic responses or updates at key stages of a project.



An improved pipeline will allow you to plan more effectively for the future and employ additional workforce to cover increased demand and workload.

Common challenges for construction companies

For your business to grow it’s essential to have the right system in place to underpin all of your processes and systems. Do any of these common challenges sound familiar?

  • Complex quotes take too much time for key individuals
  • Problems adding onsite photos to documentation
  • Difficult to quickly see the cost of materials and profit for a job
  • Quick pricing tool needed that includes both labour and material costs
  • Delay between quote sign-off and full payment or a deposit paid
  • Slow progress from quotes to a job, invoice or purchase order
  • Clunky invoicing process or accounting software
  • Unable to access a real-time information dashboard on your business

Building your business for future success

Create a strong foundation for your business

The key to success for any business is to be as efficient as possible, and that’s certainly the case in a sector as complex as construction.

There are many moving parts and it’s easy to fall into the trap of manually entering information unnecessarily or multiple times. Zigaflow will streamline your processes to avoid wasted time and automate repetitive tasks for your team.

In addition to being more efficient you will also improve customer service and engagement levels by automated customer updates that provide clarity and transparency.

Everything in one place

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Show me what it can do

Take a look inside

It makes sense for your business automation software to be built to your exact specification. You’ll be able to change screen layouts to suit your way of working – below are just some examples of the functionality you can choose from.

To find out more about what Zigaflow could look like for you, arrange your demo now.

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Create more successful quotations and build your sales pipeline whilst freeing up valuable time for key members of your team to be out on site, doing what they do best.

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Jobs / Sales Order Management

Reduce time spent on admin by automating stages such as purchase order creation, and have a status update readily available.

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Project Management

Invoicing has never been so straight-forward with the ability to group multiple projects or elements together and invoice as one single invoice.

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Documented sign-off is important but it can be time-consuming. Once you’ve experienced a better way, you’ll never want to go back to an email-based process.

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Task Management

Have the team running like clockwork by automating a list of tasks for each member of the team along with a deadline, so no customer or requirement is missed or overlooked.

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Request for Quotations

With large complex supply chains or frameworks, it helps to automate the request-for-quotations process – enabling improved profitability and enhanced customer service.

Create and upload your own documents

With Zigaflow, you have complete control over the design of your business documents. Ranging from quotations to delivery notes, you’ll have the freedom to create and customise documents, or just choose from a bank of templates.

Depending on your need to design a document tailored to a particular customer, or quickly create a specific documentation to meet a specific requirement, automation makes sure you have everything you need at your fingertips.

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