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Bringing email marketing to Zigaflow.

Use automated workflows, tagging and segmentation in Mailchimp to send relevant content to your customers and prospects.

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Why you should use Mailchimp

Keep customers up-to-date with regular newsletters and information about your products or services. The CRM functionality in Zigaflow gives you lots of intelligent ways to segment and organise records of customers and prospects, similar to what you can do in Mailchimp.

We have made it easy for you to choose a particular cross-section of your customers and/or prospects and quickly send these into specific audiences in Mailchimp. If you have, or plan to set up automated email workflows in Mailchimp, this will be a total game-changer for your business.


Educate your customers & prospects with information on the products & service you provide. Give them the information to buy from you.


Get the right information and offers to the right people at the right time. Get your marketing messages targeted to the right audiences.


Grow your business faster with regular communication and offers to your prospects and customers. Keep them coming back for more.

Integrating with Mailchimp

Apply all of the filters available in your contacts list in Zigaflow, and just hit the button to send those contacts into a Mailchimp audience and assign them a tag or tags in the process – it really is that simple.

You can apply any of the filters in your quotations list – even search for quotes containing a specific item code. Then hit the button and we will extract all of the contacts who received those quotations, and these can be pushed into Mailchimp – ready to receive your special offers

Benefits of connecting to Mailchimp

  • Improved customer & prospect engagement
  • An intelligent way to upsell and cross sell your portfolio of products and services
  • A way to further join up sales & marketing activity in your business
  • An opportunity to create loyal, brand advocates for your business through regular communication

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