Software Updates

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Automatically add associated items

Automatically add associated items when adding particular products to a quote

Launched: 06/01/2022

Create Proformas from project collections

Merge multiple job proforma invoices under the same project into 1 proforma invoice

Launched: 05/01/2022

Additional information in job exports

Include more information with your exports, including forecast costs and and actual costs of jobs

Launched: 03/01/2022

Import section from other records

Import sections from previously created quotes, making it easier to create multiple quotes for the same items

Launched: 19/12/2021

Catalogue quotes

If you offer discounts for buying a particular product in bulk, you can now display include that on a quote with catalogue pricing

Launched: 17/12/2021

New tags for optional items

Create and add tags against optional items, allowing you to add greater detail within your quotes

Launched: 15/12/2021

Company credit limit notification

Specify and display a credit limit for each of your customers with notifications when that limit has been exceeded

Launched: 13/12/2021

Scheduled message feed

View a feed of all the messages that have been scheduled, with the functionality to send, amend, view or delete them

Launched: 07/12/2021

User notification

Every user now has visible notifications when a record status changes or a task is due

Launched: 02/12/2021