Software Updates

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Send an SMS with scheduled messages

Zigaflow customers can now schedule and send an SMS or text message to their contacts. When sending a text message, you can include the tags that you would include in an email.

Launched: 03/05/2022

Add a default footer to all your emails

When an email is sent from the system, for example for a quote, the system can now add an email footer by default

Launched: 21/03/2022

Specify where order tags are displayed

Order tags may only be required in certain modules of the software – and there is new functionality to specify which modules ones

Launched: 21/03/2022

Add Forecast/Probability Percentages to your quotation statuses

You can now apply a forecast/probable percentage to statuses in the quotations module

Launched: 21/03/2022

Save custom report settings

Create and save your own customised reports that can be viewed from the drop down menu

Launched: 09/02/2022

Quickly add scheduled messages to the library

Create canned email responses that can be saved to a library

Launched: 01/02/2022

An easier way to customise

When uploading your logo or colour picker will determine the best colours to customise your dashboard

Launched: 01/02/2022

Additional customisation options

Rename more modules within the system to fit a naming convention that suits your needs

Launched: 01/02/2022

Update to the latest version of Zigaflow

Zigaflow have launched a bigger and better version of the software

Launched: 01/02/2022

Copy existing lead workflows

Create and duplicate your leads workflows with the ability to make minor changes to differentiate them from one another

Launched: 01/02/2022

Measure in millimetres

You can now display measurements in millimetres on your quotation records

Launched: 01/02/2022

Email templates for customer correspondence

When replying to customers from your integrated email account, you can now create and attach email templates

Launched: 24/01/2022