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August 2022

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Released: 25/08/2022

Guide Your Users & Mandatory Questions

One of the biggest chalenges any business faces with their CRM is user adoption (or lack thereof).

We have added some functionality (At time of writing to Leads, Quotations & Jobs modules) which allows you to create unique paths for your team to follow which can be specified from a Pre-build.

Rather than having a "one size fits all" set of fields for all quotes, you can redisgn these screens to show the user what information needs to be captured at what stage and even make specific fields mandatory. It also enables you to choose which tabs or buttons are accessible at each stage ensuring processes are naturally followed.

Your staff will find this incredibly simple as for each different type of Lead you get, you will be able to give them the playbook which best suits that situation, the same applies to different types of quotes or jobs.

To date, this is one of the most powerful features to make processes simple for end users.


Guide Your Users & Mandatory Questions

Released: 25/08/2022

Email Tracking

Not sure if your customer has received your invoice? Or has your supplier opened your time-critical purchase order?

Better still, how about whether your customer has opened the email with your quote on?

Zigaflow now allows tracking of whether your emails have been opened.

To switch it on, select the Cog -> Business Settings -> Email Tracking and click ‘Enable Email Tracking.'

You are responsible for ensuring this tracking complies with the data protection law in your jurisdiction before switching it on.

Email tracking

Released: 03/08/2022

Updating Prices Tool

It is very common for prices to fluctuate and you may find you need to regularly update your item catalogue.

We have now made this easier than ever before to save you time and effort.

  1. Go to your "Items" Screen
  2. Apply any filters (e.g. select a specific supplier and/or category and/or item tags)
  3. Click on "Batch Update" button
  4. Select "Update Price +/ Cost"

You now have 3 options

Set the price and/or cost with an increase:

Updating Prices Tool

Set the sale price based on the markup, and optionally increase the cost beforehand.

Updating Prices Tool

Or set the sale price based on the margin, and optionally increase the cost beforehand.

Updating Prices Tool

N.B. This process is not reversible, so we recommend downloading the items beforehand.

Released: 18/08/2022

New Task Functionality

We have just made a massive upgrade to our Task Management.

Many customers were already getting huge benefit from the Tasks module due to the way it works with Pre-builds, however now it can do so much more.

Some of the improvements we have made include

  • Soft delete – when a task is deleted it can now be recovered from the ‘Deleted’ items screen
  • You can now add attachments to a task (for example, a call recording)
  • You can now add your own comments on a task that are separate from the original description
  • You can now create task tags which you can use to mark up tasks to allow you to be better organised, prioritise specific tasks and for reporting purposes
  • From Prebuilds, tasks automatically created can now be recreated when statuses move backwards as well as forwards
  • You now have a full audit log of changes to a task, so if a user has overwritten the description, changed a date or made any other material change, you can now see exactly what these changes are, when they were made, and by who.
  • We have also added a reporting module for tasks, where you can create your own report dashboards to review at a later date

New Task Functionality

Report on task by:

  • User
  • Task Type
  • Duration
  • Client

New Task Functionality

Released: 21/08/2022

PDF Tags Search

When you are editing your document templates in your CRM, you can search quickly for any PDF tag by module with the new search tool.

This is available at the top of the new online editing screen and also in the menu Help -> PDF Template Tags -> Quotations/Jobs/ etc.

You can see the full list of available tags split by category and also search within those:

You can also quickly copy the tags to your clipboard to paste into the template or email you are working on.

PDF Tags Search

In addition to the tags being usable in the PDF templates, some of the tags are available to use in the email templates.

Released: 23/08/2022

Flexi-Import into Quotation and Jobs

You’ve always been able to import products or services from Excel into a Quotation or Job. But this required having to organise the spreadsheet to match the forat of our import template, making it time-consuming.

With the new Flexi-Import, you can now import any spreadsheet (as long as the data is in columns and it has one row per record) and select only the columns you want to import.

This means if you are sent a tender request for example you can now upload the items in the spreadsheet you are sent directly into the quotation you are working on. Other examples might be if you get bills of materials or products from CAD (Computer aided design) software as an excel file, you can quickly upload these into quotes or as jobs for managing your production workflows.

You can also save your frequently imported file columns to Zigaflow to make it even faster the next time.

Flexi-Import into Quotation and Jobs

Released: 04/08/2022

Editing PDF Template Online

To make editing your document templates quicker and easier you can now edit your templates in your CRM.

This means there is no need to download the template to your machine, edit and upload again.

When you are happy with your changes you can save them as a new template or overwrite the existing one completely.

If you overwrite the existing template, all of your pre-builds will automatically create records using the updated version.

If you already have quotes or other records using the older version of the template, a quick click of the "rebuild" button will update using the new template.

To get started click on the ‘Edit Template’ button next to any of your PDF templates. Make your changes and click on ‘Preview’ to see the effect:

Editing PDF Template Online

Click on the ‘Search Tags’ button to search through the database of PDF tags:

Editing PDF Template Online

Released: 07/08/2022

Cross Currency Reporting

If you trade in more than one currency you can now see your sales and costs converted into your reporting currency for quotations, jobs/sales orders, invoices and purchases.

On each module’s pipeline or grid screen, click on the Total button.

Cross Currency Reporting

Values are converted at the currency exchange rate you have entered in the system using Configure -> Accounting -> Exchange Rates.

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