Software Updates

September 2022

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Released: 01/09/2022

Big Improvements to Tasks

See all that you need on the re-designed tasks screen – so you don’t need to open any other screens to get all the information you need.

For the first time, you can add attachments to individual tasks, and add internal comments separate from the task description.

Improve your management of tasks with the new task tags. Set them up and assign them automatically or on a per-task basis so you can quickly filter what needs to be done.

Find out how you and your team have been performing with the new tasks reporting screen, and what types or tags of tasks have taken up the most time.

Big Improvements to Tasks

Released: 07/09/2022

Specify the data you want to export to Excel

Rather than wasting time deleting unwanted columns in the Excel files exported from Zigaflow, you can now save time by specifying the columns you want.

Excel downloads are then ready to use immediately, free from unwanted columns.

Export to Excel Only the Columns You Need

Released: 15/09/2022

Build Your Library of Alternative Items Effortlessly

The alternative items functionality has now been made even more powerful and simple. When an item on a quote needs to be swapped for an alternative, rather than only being able to choose from pre-defined options, users will now be able to select any item from the item catalogue as a suitable alternative. In doing this, they will add this item to the pre-defined list of alternatives making it easier for other users in future quotes.

Build Your Library of Alternative Items Effortlessly

Released: 28/09/2022

Scheduled messages are now easier to create

Our scheduled message editor has been greatly boosted, as users can now use our in-app library to add tags to their emails quickly. This will enable them to quickly create dynamic email content which can pull through details from the associated records to personalise correspondence with customers, suppliers and more.

Quickly search through the database of tags to find and copy the one you need for your scheduled message.

Scheduled messages are now easier to create