Software Updates

July 2022

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Released: 03/07/2022

Bulk updates

You can now make updates to multiple records at the same time by using teh "Batch Update" button. You will find the button in the grid view for each module screen.

For all the modules you can now:

  • Change statuses
  • Delete

On the invoices module you can also:

  • Swap the PDF templates
  • Send multiple invoices to one client in one email
  • Send multiple invoices to multiple clients.

Released: 13/07/2022

Add Item to Job and Existing PO

When you need to add an item to an existing job and also an existing purchase order, Zigaflow now makes that easy.

Add the item to the job, then click on the item’s menu and select ‘Add to Purchase Order’. Select the purchase order and section in that PO you want to put it in.

Add Item to Job and Existing PO

You can also do the reverse of adding an item to a PO and then up to a job using the item menu of a PO item ‘Push Item to Job’.