Software Updates

November 2022

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Released: 10/11/2022

New hyperlink custom field

A new custom field can be added to various modules within the software. Add hyperlinks to CRM (companies, contacts and suppliers) as well as quotes, invoices and more. Once a hyperlink field has been created and a valid URL has been entered, a button is available to visit that link (which opens in a new window).

Ideal when you need to access supplier catalogues and price lists.

Released: 17/11/2022

Bulk update business types and order tags

You can now bulk update the business types and order tags of your quotes within Zigaflow. Quickly and easily add or remove tags with just a few clicks.

Released: 17/11/2022

New modules available in customer portals

Your customers can now access information from the following modules:

  • Tickets
  • Returns
  • Contracts
  • Jobs

You can specify the status of each module that can be accessed by your customers as with other modules within customer portals.

Released: 23/11/2022

Specify default stock locations

You can now create and specify a default stock location for individual items and products listed within your Zigaflow account. Specify different locations within the configure menu, that location will then be available within items when 'This is a stock item' is selected within the item edit screen.

Booking in stock

When booking in stock from a purchase order or delivery note you can specify a location for these items, so you know exactly where they are when they are added to your Zigaflow account.