Software Updates

October 2022

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Released: 04/10/2022

Increased functionality for bulk updates

If you’ve decided you want to make more use of Zigaflow’s powerful item tags functionality you can now add tags to multiple items with a few clicks.

Or, if you need to change the tax or sales and purchases account codes if you change the accounts system, this tool makes it really simple and saves you time.

Released: 06/10/2022

Email deliverability and spam checker

When you write an email or set up a scheduled message, Zigaflow shows the spam rating of a message, showing you which words are likely to cause issues so you can change them, and suggesting other things that can improve deliverability.

The email account you are going to send from is also checked to make sure it is connected correctly to the system and your login, again ensuring your emails are more likely to be seen by the recipient.

Released: 11/10/2022

Specify a different pre-build when copying a quote or job

When copying an existing quote or job, or creating a new version of a quote, users now have the option to select a different pre-build. This will mean that the copy or new version will pick up all of the attributes from this pre-build like screen instructions (checklist questions), tasks and scheduled messages.

This is ideal if you want to create a sub-job from another one, or a slightly different quote and need to start afresh with your questions, tasks and scheduled messages.

Released: 18/10/2022

View all your files and attachments

Update multiple attachments at once in the new attachments list screen, setting tags and your attachment types.

To help manage suppliers’ insurance documents and similar, use the attachment's expiration date in the suppliers’ module.