Software Updates

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January 2023

  • Apply a Suppliers Tax Code to Purchase Orders
  • Create orders and quotes direct from the customer portal
  • Check all your jobs/orders have been invoiced

December 2022

  • Create a quote from a job
  • Print and scan barcodes
  • Mark invoices as paid in Xero when paid by card
  • Custom fields for your business and users
  • Team directory

November 2022

  • Bulk update business types and order tags
  • New modules available in customer portals
  • Specify default stock locations

October 2022

  • Increased functionality for bulk updates
  • Email deliverability and spam checker
  • Specify a different pre-build when copying a quote or job
  • View all your files and attachments

September 2022

  • Big Improvements to Tasks
  • Specify the data you want to export to Excel
  • Build Your Library of Alternative Items Effortlessly
  • Scheduled messages are now easier to create

August 2022

  • Guide Your Users & Mandatory Questions
  • Email Tracking
  • Updating Prices Tool
  • New Task Functionality
  • PDF Tags Search
  • Flexi-Import into Quotation and Jobs
  • Editing PDF Template Online
  • Cross Currency Reporting

July 2022

  • Bulk updates
  • Add Item to Job and Existing PO

June 2022

  • Margins in Jobs/Sales Orders

May 2022

  • Send an SMS with scheduled messages
  • View historically quoted prices

March 2022

  • Add Forecast/Probability Percentages to your quotation statuses
  • Specify where order tags are displayed
  • Add a default footer to all your emails

February 2022

  • Save custom report settings
  • Copy existing lead workflows
  • Update to the latest version of Zigaflow
  • Additional customisation options
  • An easier way to customise
  • Quickly add scheduled messages to the library
  • Measure in millimetres

January 2022

  • Additional information in job exports
  • Create Proformas from project collections
  • Automatically add associated items
  • Email templates for customer correspondence

December 2021

  • User notification
  • Scheduled message feed
  • Company credit limit notification
  • New tags for optional items
  • Catalogue quotes
  • Import section from other records

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