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Email Tracking

When sending an email from Zigaflow, you now have the option to see if an email has been opened by the recipient.

Launched: 25/08/2022

Guide Your Users & Mandatory Questions

A checklist/guide functionality has been added to leads, jobs and quotations

Launched: 25/08/2022

Flexi-Import into Quotation and Jobs

You’ve always been able to import products or services from Excel into a Quotation or Job

Launched: 23/08/2022

PDF Tags Search

Search quickly for any PDF tag by module with the new search tool

Launched: 21/08/2022

New Task Functionality

A range of features and functionality has been added to help improve user interactions

Launched: 18/08/2022

Cross Currency Reporting

If you trade in more than one currency you can now see your sales and costs converted into your reporting currency for quotations, jobs/sales orders, invoices and purchases

Launched: 07/08/2022

Editing PDF Template Online

To make editing PDF templates quicker and easier you can now edit a PDF template

Launched: 04/08/2022

Updating Prices Tool

If you want to change your products and services costs or prices in Zigaflow, you can now do this without having to download into Excel and re-upload

Launched: 03/08/2022

Add Item to Job and Existing PO

When you need to add an item to an existing job and also an existing purchase order, Zigaflow now makes that easy

Launched: 13/07/2022

Bulk updates

It is now possible to change the status of more than one quote or job in one click using the new batch updating functionality

Launched: 03/07/2022

Margins in Jobs/Sales Orders

View both your forecast and actual margins on Jobs/Sales Orders to make it easier to track your profitability

Launched: 21/06/2022

View historically quoted prices

Quickly find your client's previously quoted products or services. See the dates, quantity, and prices for each. Then add to your quotation with one click.

Launched: 24/05/2022