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Does what it says..

5 star review

Came across Zigaflow when looking at Add in’s for Xero. After a discussion with the lovely Vicky Hunter, it was a no brainer, does everything I need the package to do. What’s more, it's also a great service, any recommendations or possible personal requirements are always considered. All in all, a very professional team at Zigaflow and faultless software to go with it..

David Breheney

Easy to pick up, responsive and helpful.

5 star review

I've found Zigaflow very easy to pick up since starting here at TSS. The whole system is very quick to load quotes and orders. The team are always quick to respond to any issues and helpful with regards to our suggestions for improvement. Ultimately if they keep this up I think everyone will want to use their system.

David Leslie

The Zigaflow Quoting Platform is the best I have seen in my 20 years in the business

5 star review

I have been in the Building & Construction industry for 20 years, Manufacturer, Distributor and Wholesaler/Merchant working for four individual companies. The quote systems and follow-ups are always a topic of discussion for process and improvement. The Zigaflow Quoting Platform is the best I have seen in my 20 years. From generating the quote to the quality of the detail in the quote, the short space of time it takes to compile the quote and then follow up actions. I would strongly recommend this platform to any sales organization who have the usual questions about their quote follow up procedures within their business. We feel that there is probably more features that we haven't discovered but a quickly answered email, followed by a telephone call and subsequent "Teams" meeting allowed Vicky Hunter to discover our needs and demonstrate what we needed to do to set up pipelines and reporting.

Kristian Van Rensburg

Simple enough for any staff member to operate with ease

5 star review

Simple enough for any staff member to operate with ease no matter age or experience using computers. This program has increased our efficiency by tenfold with creating quotations, order forms and generating invoices. Offers a basic but extensive enough CRM system to manage your daily tasks.

Joe W

Best System For Our Business

5 star review

Saving lots of time now, built a full product database within which is all available to easily add to our quotes at the click of a button. Great experience and more than happy to recommend Zigaflow!

This system ticked every box I was looking for, it's very easy to use, very easy to customise to fit our particular business, extremely good value for money compared to other similar systems out there and the customer service is fantastic - nothing seems too much trouble and seem to be working hard to add even more!

John S

Easy to use, it has changed the way we work

5 star review

The benefits of having this software are we now have visibility within the business, figures are more accurate and it has made the team more productive with the everyday running of the business.

Easy to use, it has changed the way we work. Spreadsheets have gone. We now place quotes and turn them into jobs, we can see a true costing of the business now with the supplier PO's and exporting the information into Sage has also made the accounts team more productive.

Sara M

Zigaflow is a Winner

5 star review

We are able to put out professional-looking quotes in a fraction of the time it used to take us. Using the Zigaflow software has also helped us manage our margins on products better, where in the past we would often over-discount products to win a project.

Having used similar software before, I found Zigaflow to be much more customisable and easier to tailor-make for our company needs. The quote templates are easy to set up and can be changed at any time, adding and changing products on the system is also very intuitive and easy. One of my favourite features is being able to see exactly what my margin and mark-up is while doing a quote and applying discounts.

Garet V

Highly Recommended Job Software

5 star review

As a company, our experience has been very positive. The team at Zigaflow are always very helpful and on hand to solve any issues / give advice. They also take on board improvement suggestions and look to implement them ASAP if viable.

Lots of different functionalities remove the need for multiple software Always upgrading and improving very flexible software.

Jake N

Create Quotes with ease

5 star review

Have used Zigaflow for about 3 or 4 years Any feature we request are always looked at and evaluated and talked about. In the early day with had a visit to our office in Norwich by CSR.

The ability to have both pricing in both GBP EUR The Ability of Kits and all are a product in one place The ability to be able to have groups on the quote - service, Products etc and being able to include in the total or not.

John M

Quality, Comprehensive Software & Great Value

5 star review

In my business, we have quite complex workflows for retail, installation, distribution, trade, developers etc. I found it fairly straightforward to program this work flows into Zigaflow, including the various fillable forms and certificates. The ability to have every stage of our workflows tracked with communication to the client has already paid dividends in the short time we have used the software. It's the perfect system for transforming a paper-heavy business into a paperless one. The integration with Stripe is a revelation for businesses used to take payments over the phone. Compared to similar systems from much larger companies, Zigaflow is a small fraction of the cost. Very good value for money. Any issues I've had the tech support have resolved in a friendly and expedient manner.

Alan R

A company that listens, understands and delivers

5 star review

Smooth, helpful, reliable and friendly.

The team is incredible. The portal is great and ever-evolving, but they are also open to custom work and tweaks on the software to cater for our business. I run a successful technology company and it's ever-evolving so it's incredibly important that the technology we use moves in the same waves, it certainly does!! I've tried around 20 systems and this is the only one that would deliver what I needed.

Jason M

Zigaflow automation improves productivity and profitability

5 star review

One of our biggest issues was gaining feedback from contractors following a site visit and having to waste employees time chasing photographs to enable our estimating department to produce quotations. Quikflw has pulled all aspects of our operation into one comprehensive package including accounts which allows me to monitor the business on a daily basis. The team at Zigaflow are always on hand to resolve any questions arising from operator malfunction or general operational procedures. My team and all of our contractors, several hundred, are reaping the benefits and more importantly, enjoy using the system.

Ease of use for all members of staff. Increased levels of professionalism. The adaptability of forms and contracts for clients & our contractors. Real-time capture of on-site engineers reports & photographs. Easy overview of all aspects of our operation and individuals performance. Flexibility throughout.

Ken V

Covers all your business admin

5 star review

Started using Zigaflow about 2 years ago, it's made many everyday business processes structured and organised. It has the ability to be flexible to cater to everyone's business needs and branding. The support staff are exceptional. I've been waiting a long time for a proposal software that works the way you want to work.

Ability to create many styles of proposal/invoice/Purchase order templates. - So much Flexibility and customisation - Items list / Catalogue - Ability to keep track of all your quotes/purchase orders/invoices and delivery notes in one place. - Plan/project manage your Jobs - The software is always improving.

Ross P

Quick and Easy using Zigaflow

4 star review

It is very easy and quick to create a quotation and calculate the working labour hours using Zigaflow. I have used many quotation products and this is proving to be the best.

Create custom reports is very easy. The software is easy to use. Very cost-effective. Software is web-based, so it can operate on MacOS or Windows. I can create a quote very quickly.

Will M

Its been amazing in streamlining the work process and saving us countless hours of frustration

5 star review

After trying many workflow systems and wasting many months and lots of money we found Zigaflow. Its been amazing in streamlining the work process and saving us countless hours of frustration. Support is first class and the company actually respond to feedback and make adjustments for the better, very refreshing. Keep it up!!!

Gary Duckman

It is very quick and easy to get up and running and just works

5 star review

We changed our helpdesk system and lost our previous quoting tool. After many searches and trials, we found Zigaflow which just works. It is very quick and easy to get up and running and just works. The other key thing is that the support team, not only, provides quick advice when required, but also listens and responds to feedback and suggestions.

Mark Sitwell

Excellent in all respects

5 star review

I have evaluated so many quoting systems to find the right fit for our business. Zigaflow really does so much more than we originally anticipated. We now use Zigaflow from customer appointment through to quote, ordering, installation and also for follow up service calls. The team are really happy to spend time understanding how we need to use the system and have been an invaluable help in setting things up and developing our use.

Emma Butt

Zigaflow was the perfect choice for us

5 star review

We spent months looking for a system that would be simple to ease in to and more powerful and complex as we developed.

Zigaflow was the perfect choice for this.

The Support Team are extremely helpful and spent time understanding the needs of our company and showing us how to get the most from Zigaflow. We now use the system for more than we originally intended and will be using even more functions in the coming months.

Highly recommend.

David Wilde

Zigaflow - Excellent for projects with multiple contractor bids

4 star review

With a national sales force, we needed software that can be accessed by everyone. The sales managers all raise the quotations, and they are signed off and sent by the admin staff at HQ, so we can ensure the correct components have been added and the quote is technically sound. We have reduced the requirement for additional admin staff as the quote is submitted as a request and then checked, rather than the sales force requesting a quote to be raised. I can see at a glance what the profit margin is on each quotation, I can also combine a couple of options onto one quotation by using sections, which reduces the number of duplicate projects on the system. Finally, the search function on the software is excellent; if I need to see all the quotes with a certain product on it this can be done in a matter of seconds without having to export to excel. Overall, I believe the implementation of this software has streamlined the quotation process and freed up time which would normally be spent on quotations to other areas of the business.

Deborah W

This Software is very quick and easy to set up

5 star review

This Software is very quick and easy to set up to get branded quote management implemented. Within 1 hour, we had loaded all our data into it, my team had already figured out how to use it and we're sending quotes to customers. We now have a tracker and reporting as well as being able to search through quotes history and content quickly which you could not do with word.

Richard B

Highly recommend this app

5 star review

We subscribed to Zigaflow specifically to make our purchasing process more efficient. I highly recommend this app, the support is fantastic, and it really has saved us a lot of time. There is a lot more that we could potentially use it for, which the team at Zigaflow have demonstrated. It is very professional but also affordable.

Emma Pearson

Updates are regular and customer service is outstanding

5 star review

Zigaflow has a wide range of modules and features with very easy customisation to suit your business needs. Updates are regular and customer service is outstanding, always happy to help add new features. It does absolutely everything a business needs and has a smooth integration with Xero. Could not think of any negative criticism if I tried, top stuff!

Billy Jeffs

Zigaflow is a game changer for us

4 star review

In my experience no software has everything out of the box ready to go, I have trialled almost every CRM and/or quote application out there, but while they may excel in one area they are let down in others. I've been using Zigaflow for 2 years and the features and updates they have made in that period just demonstrate how committed they are in providing the best end to end CRM/Quote/Job/Invoice application out there.

Dean C

Easy to use and customise

4 star review

I am getting everything I require through the Zigaflow system plus more bonuses than I would’ve expected. The cost was well within our budget and the only extras are those available any time I wish to upgrade at any time.

The set-up is personal and very helpful and I am extremely happy with everything, especially how easy the system is to use and customise. Thanks again – One more very happy customer.

John Scott

Track customer orders from quotation to delivery

4 star review

We needed an online system which would allow us to track customer orders right through from quotation to delivery and invoicing.

Until then we had an accounts package which allowed us to produce Quotation, POs, and Invoices but didn’t really link them together.

Mr D Poulter

Speed up processes and convert more sales

4 star review

We have been using the system for over a year and it has transformed our business. With the help from the Zigaflow team we’ve been able to improve systems, speed up processes and convert more sales

We searched for a solution for months and this was the only one for us. I would strongly advise trying Zigaflow out for your business.

Jason McAuley