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Service Automation Software

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With our Service Automation software, you'll be able to deliver a world class service to your customers.

Track support requests, product warranties, create routine service or maintenance schedules from contracts and so much more.

Imagine the best service you've ever received from a supplier - you can probably do better with this.

What do you get with your Service Automation subscription?

If you can't see something you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us as we've always got new ideas coming through development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions around our Service Automation subscription plan.

Service automation software is an application or software specifically designed to give you the best tools to give your customers an experience they will never forget - for the right reasons!

If you need a way to manage customer support requests, or you provide ongoing services, for instance maintenance or support contracts, or supply products for which you need to track warranties and service visits, a service automation software is exactly what you need.

Let's say you need a way to manage support requests from your customers, or you supply products where you need to track warranties, or perhaps you have servicing agreements which require routine site visits - you need this process to be as simple as possible.

Your customers expectations have evolved, and having a CRM and managing things in spreadsheets just isn't enough.

Some larger businesses spend huge amounts of money creating bespoke applications to deliver half of what you can do with our Service and Automation plan as this used to be the only way it could be done - until now!

Having a software to automate mundane tasks with all the information at your fingertips allows you and your team to give your customers a first-class service, in every interaction.

We don’t, and you shouldn’t need it to. Zigaflow has all of the tools most CRM software providers offer and so much more.

Our ethos is working towards customers having to have as few systems in their business as possible, as over the years it has become apparent this is where customers businesses suffer the most.

Having multiple systems leads to duplication of data entry, loss of information, additional points of failure, and doesn’t give you the whole picture of your business.

This is one of the questions that comes up frequently, but when people see the full scope of what Zigaflow can do, they soon realise their CRM system becomes obsolete.


As our service automation plan is a full suite of modules across all aspects of your business, information gathers as you go about your day-to-day business activities.

Historically, businesses would have needed multiple systems to achieve what we have created in Zigaflow, and often this would have also had excel files running alongside.

With our service automation plan, you can easily bridge sales, operations, finance and field in one system, ensuring no matter who deals with a customer about what, all the information they need for their job is readily available.

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