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Our business management software includes 3 subscription plans to choose from, so you're sure to find the right one for your business.

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Business Management Software

Put all your business functions into one cloud-based solution

Our business management software will help to improve the productivity of your business and give you clear insight into every stage of your customer journey.

Manual tasks can be automatically assigned to the right member of your team at the right time, while other tasks can be completely automated to give you the ultimate efficiency in your business processes.

Our software is fully customizable and can be tailored to meet the needs of your business without the need or price involved with custom software development.

Sales Automation

Sales Automation

Give your sales team the right tools to help move your business to the next level.

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Business Automation

Business Automation

Our back office software can be utilised to automate a range of time-consuming tasks.

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Service Automation

Service Automation

Providing your customers with the best level of service doesn't have to be difficult.

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Plan Summary

Have a look at the table below to see the modules, key features and integrations available with each of our subscription plans.

Sales Automation

Business Automation

Service Automation

CRM CRM Manage your customers and contacts in our flexible CRM Included Included Included
Leads Management Leads Management Create pipelines with custom stages for different types of leads Included Included Included
Items Management Items Management Store & manage products or services with custom fields, images & more Included Included Included
Create & Send Quotations Create & Send Quotations Create, send & manage quotations or proposals Included Included Included
Built in e-Signatures Built in e-Signatures Collect electronic customer signatures across the different modules Included Included Included
Automatic Email Reminders Automatic Email Reminders Automate your follow up process with customers Included Included Included
Pre-builds (All Modules) Pre-builds (All Modules) Pre-poulated information, questions, task schedules unlocks the full power of Zigaflow Included Included Included
Workflow Management Workflow Management Workflows allows you to operate multiple processes in each module Included Included Included
Task Management Task Management Manage tasks across your business and users Included Included Included
Price and cost breakpoints Price and cost breakpoints Use agreed fixed prices or discount % to manage bulk discounts on sales Included Included Included
Price Lists Price Lists Create multiple price lists, and assign a default price list to a customer Included Included Included
Multi Currency Multi Currency Automatically convert a cost price in one currency to a sale price in another Included Included Included
Rename Modules Rename Modules Rename system modules in terminology familiar to you and your team Included Included Included
Connect to your domain Connect to your domain Personlaise the experience for your team, customers & suppliers Included Included Included
User Access User Access Control access by user and role. Set approvals for quotations and more Included Included Included
Manage Teams or departments Manage Teams or departments Allow groups of user to work as part of one or more teams / departments Included Included Included
Accept Debit / Credit Card  Payments Accept Debit / Credit Card Payments Use Stripe to accept payments against quotations / invoices Included Included Included
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Manage your relationships with your supply chain Not Included Included Included
Job / Sales Order Managment Job / Sales Order Managment Organise yourself with job / order management Not Included Included Included
Project Management Project Management Manage project timelines and track budgets across 1 or more jobs Not Included Included Included
Process Automation Process Automation Rules based automation to massively reduce business administration Not Included Included Included
Create Invoices Create Invoices Create, send & track Invoices & Proformas at the click of a button Not Included Included Included
Create Purchase Orders Create Purchase Orders Create send & track Purchase orders at the click of a button Not Included Included Included
Requests for Quotations (RFQ's) Requests for Quotations (RFQ's) Create, send and manage RFQ's to 1 or more supplier in a couple of clicks Not Included Included Included
Stock Control Stock Control Manage your inventory, book goods in via purchase orders, goods out via delivery notes Not Included Included Included
Create Delivery Notes Create Delivery Notes Create, send, print & track delivery notes at the click of a button Not Included Included Included
Create eForms Create eForms Generate signed paperwork, certifcates, obtain approvals & more Not Included Included Included
Connect to Xero Connect to Xero Import Items, Customers, Suppliers, Tax Codes and Account Codes. Export Invoices & Purchase Orders Import Only Included Included
Connect to QuickBooks Connect to QuickBooks Import Items, Customers, Suppliers, Tax Codes and Account Codes. Export Invoices & Purchase Orders Import Only Included Included
MailChimp Integration MailChimp Integration Push a subset of your contacts into an audience and add MailChimp tags to contacts Included Included Included
Ticket Forms Ticket Forms Create questions, auto responders and automated next steps for different types of tickets Not Included Not Included Included
Support Tickets Support Tickets Make sure your customers love you by managing their requests effectively Not Included Not Included Included
Contract Management Contract Management Create, send and manage customer contracts for maintenance, warranties etc. Not Included Not Included Included
Automatic Job Creation Automatic Job Creation Automatically create jobs such as site visits from your customer contract Not Included Not Included Included
Client Asset Management Client Asset Management Track the lifecycle of a physical product by serial number Not Included Not Included Included
Advanced Reporting Advanced Reporting Produce highly detailed reports across the modules, and drill down to item level reporting Included Included Included
Access to Knowledgebase Access to Knowledgebase We have a vast amount of documented information available to help you learn about the software and get you up and running Included Included Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Business management software is an application or software which will help your business improve, support and streamline its processes.

If you choose the right one, it will help to reduce errors, automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and give you clear visibility of user, customer & supplier activity.

The best business management software implemented correctly will ultimately increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your business and give you a solid foundation and structure for growth.

In a simple word, no.

The way Zigaflow is structured means you choose the subscription plan which best fits the need of your business today.

Although certain members of your team might only need access to specific parts of the software, you have full control to assign users access to only what they need.

Absolutely, yes!

We often find customers start with one plan and move up to the next one as they start to realise the gains in their business.

Unless you opt for our Managed Service which is a 12-month agreement, your subscription plan will operate on a 30-day rolling basis, allowing you to change plan on 30 days’ notice.

Don’t be surprised if once you start using Zigaflow, you never downgrade!

This can quite often be different things depending on your business, but one thing which seems to be common across all of our customers is efficiency.

There are several reasons behind this being the main benefit;

  • Our customers save lots of time
  • Tasks are automated which once would have required manual effort
  • Information is highly accessible, allowing decisions to be made in a fraction of the time

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