Why lead management is important for any business

If your business spends time and resources on marketing, its essential to track generated leads, this guide will detail what leads management entails, plus some of the many benefits

Author: Euan Aitken | Published: 12/08/2022

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Why lead management is important for any business

If your business spends time and resources on marketing efforts in order to generate leads, you might find yourself wondering what happens next. However, you may be shocked to find out that 4 out of 5 leads are never pursued afterwards.

In most instances, leads generated through marketing get lost, ignored or simply discarded. To counter this, the most effective solution is to ensure your business has a leads management system.

This is important as you never want to waste the effort placed into marketing activities by letting leads dry up. It's essential to understand that most leads won't convert during their first impression, meaning you'll have to nurture this over time.

Almost all organisations would benefit from implementing this system into their workplace, some of the many important benefits include:

Response Time

In today's electronic era, the typical consumer demands a rapid and prompt response to their inquiry. Leads management can allow companies to schedule automated responses to emails, meaning the company can always maintain contact with prospects.

Leads Tracking

Being able to recognise a lead's position in the sales pipeline in real-time. Furthermore, having access to information such as this will better inform sales staff when in pursuit of leads meaning enhanced engagement for all parties during the sales process.

Leads Distribution

Optimise your sales staff further by distributing leads to relevant staff in a timely fashion. This process helps to improve efficiency and ultimately reduces the risk of calling on old or dead leads.

Leads organisation

Provides an organised method of classifying your leads right as they are captured. These can be organised into a system that works for you and streamlines staff coordination to ensure an appropriate schedule is adhered to.

Maintaining healthy customer relationships

A management tool such as this funnels leads through multiple engagements. This gives consumers the time needed to become more familiar with your brand and makes them more comfortable with the decision to buy your products or services.


Some leads management systems will make it easy to filter your leads using demographics, periods of engagement and much more. This helps you to prioritise your leads with ease.

Enhance coordination

Monitor and collaborate with your entire team from one place, allowing less room for miscommunication.

If your system isn't integrated with a leads management system, Zigaflow would love to show you how our leads management module can deliver all the benefits listed above and more through a live web demo with a member of our team.

Euan Aitken

Euan Aitken

Sales & Marketing Director

Having started his journey with Zigaflow as a customer who took a keen interest in what the software could become, Euan joined us to lead our Sales & Marketing. Euan loves all things Business, Sales & Tech.

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