What is a customer journey map?

Every business will have its own version or interpretation of the customer journey map. However, a lot of customer journey maps will share a lot of similar beats, find out what the purpose of these maps is, and how they can be useful to your business.

Author: Tim Randall | Published: 05/07/2022

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What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey map (also sometimes referred to as a buyer journey or user journey map) is a visual representation of the road down which a customer travels in order to purchase something. If your business offers only a small number of products or services, your customer journey map may seem quite simple. However, this isn't always the case.

Why is a customer journey map useful?

Creating a customer journey map, or customer journey mapping, is helpful for businesses of any size because it allows you to see your business from the customer's perspective. It also provides benefits such as:

Creating a visual diagram for business or team-wide meetings that help map out customer-focused goals

Giving your customer service team something to review to help them decide how to improve the customer journey and lifecycle

Providing a logical order to your customer journey which you can keep track of

Allowing you to improve and optimise your customer onboarding process

How to map the customer journey

Every business will have their own version or interpretation of the customer journey map. However, a lot of customer journey maps will share a lot of similar beats. Here is a summary of the five basic stages:


When it comes to the early stages of the customer journey map, making a potential customer aware of your brand is crucial—but your other job as a company is to make your prospect aware that they have a problem, and you sell the solution. This awareness is usually achieved through interactions on social media, organic and paid impressions online, and other methods of getting into contact with your prospect so you can find out what they need.


The next stages of the customer journey map often take different names depending on the goals and practices of the company using it, but we will refer to it as the Consideration stage. At this point, the prospect will have defined their problem and narrowed down a few options regarding where they'll be spending their money,is assessing each company based on the additional information they provide. While the customer is considering if your business is right for them, you should be considering how to keep their attention and make them choose you over your competitors. What makes you stand out


At this stage, your prospect has been converted from a potential customer into a purchasing customer- they have now chosen your business and want to spend their money with you. Make sure they have a positive experience with your company and receive the customer service they deserve. (They might just come back for more.)


Your customer received a great first impression from your company and you've kept them engaged throughout the buying process. Now they have a problem, and they need you again! Happy customers will often remember your business and come back for more if they received a good service. Make sure to retain your customers by always providing the service they need!


Your customer has bought your product or service more than once now and their experience has been consistently good. That means when their friend admitted they had a similar problem, your loyal customer mentioned your business- so now you have a new prospect! Your customer is now an advocate for your brand, providing you with new potential customers through their own personal connections, and referring you through word-of-mouth marketing. They have essentially brought the customer journey full circle so you can start again at stage 1.

Where does Zigaflow fit in?

Zigaflow's CRM module is designed to help you grow your business. Unlike most CRMs on the market, it automatically connects all your tasks, leads, and quotes to your contact records without the need for manual updates. Its intuitive design also allows you to go about your daily tasks in an organised way while automatically building up a customer history and details as you go. To learn more about Zigaflow's CRM module, book a demo with us today.

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Tim Randall


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