Top 10 benefits of a CRM system

The goal of utilising a good CRM tool is simple yet effective; improve your business relationships to maximise your growth potential. Read on to see the most beneficial elements of integrating a CRM system into your business

Author: Euan Aitken | Published: 12/08/2022

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When running your business, a CRM system should be your first point of call when managing your customers, companies and suppliers.The goal of utilising a good CRM tool is simple yet effective; improve your business relationships to maximise your growth potential. If you hammer home your CRM, the benefits will become almost immediately noticeable with the impact it can have on your business. Ultimately, a CRM will give you a strong basis that will inform many of your day-to-day business decisions. This guide will discuss many of the prominent benefits related to integrating CRM software.

Top 10 Benefits of a CRM System

Manage your contacts effectively

One of the main advantages to using CRM software, is having access to centralised data on customers helps to organise leads, contacts, and customer details. Having an organised CRM will help staff quickly access information that can inform during sales opportunities on products or services that best fit the customer's needs.

Anticipate the needs of clients

With your CRM gathering information all the time, your sales staff should feel more informed and confident when advising customers. You can use this to provide them with the right product in a timely manner, promote the right products to the right audiences. It sets the framework for targeted marketing, since you have records of the client's transaction history, demographics, and other important metrics.

Build stronger relationships

You should consider your clients as more than just a sales opportunity, sometimes customer's need nurturing to gain brand loyalty. It is important to utilise the data in ways that engages your audience, whilst still promoting your products. CRM software gives you all the tools you would need to understand their interests, spending habits and more.

Maximise customer retention

All of the points mentioned above are ultimately geared towards this, your ultimate goal should be keeping the customer happy, to increase loyalty to your brand instead of your competitors. It is well known that organisations that utilise CRMs have increased rates of customer satisfaction, which leads to increased retention. In almost all industries, you'll be directly competing with multiple other brands every step of the way. Its all about how you utilise data to engage the customer. You want to instil confidence in your products, and in turn, the customer feels confident with selecting you as a vendor over the competition time and time again.

Optimise communication

It shouldn't go unnoticed how quickly your business is able to respond to queries, and being known as a business that engages with customers in a prompt manner shows professionalism and highlights customer centric ideologies. CRM improves communication since it enables you to stay organised with all your relevant contacts, no matter how big the operation. You can keep track of the last point of contact, and follow the customer's journey every step of the way.

Streamlined customer service

Having CRM software goes part in parcel with optimised customer service. The software will inform your customer profiles with a plethora of data to observe and manage, leading to a more personalised service depending on the client you are dealing with. With some automation integrations, you can set reminders to follow up with clients, suppliers and more. This greatly reduces the risk of some customers getting overlooked.

No matter your business operation, you never want your customers to feel as if they are just a number, and sounding like an automated reply or robot when responding to queries can certainly isolate prospects. Its important to make the client feel tailored to, with insightful solutions. Do this correctly and your clients will always be impressed.

Insightful Reports

Having an abundance of data, but not the ability to store, manage and act on it will hold back your customer relationships. CRM gives you the power to analyse data in many ways, you should use your CRM data to collate and customise data into intelligent reports. Companies of all shapes and sizes use social media to promote and engage with their consumer base, and monitoring the useful metrics provided by these brands gives insights that can be priceless.

You should try to structure your reports based on customer's needs, and using metrics such as Google Analytics will let you know which parts of your webpage are the most engaging, whilst simultaneously exposing weak sections that are not grabbing and keeping the attention of the reader. However, you're not limited to online metrics, reports can be set to custom parameters helping you to easily categorise your customer personas.

Inform and scale your company forecasts

The key to scaling your business, is to have an actionable and strategic plan in place for forecasting. Following on from the reports mentioned above, you can use key metrics produced in this process to advise strategy changes. For example, having quick access to your current monthly sales, immediately lets you measure growth rates, and make changes to your strategy based on this. Identifying market patterns allows you to see exactly which sales processes are currently the most effective, and which can be improved.

Increased productivity and efficiency

In today's digital age, there is simply no need for tedious, time-consuming tasks from the past. With a CRM, finding the relevant customer information is quick and easy. This will help you boost productivity by having your sales staff free to focus on more important things. Instead of traversing the office trying to track down information, they now have more time to follow up with those who need it, talk to leads, or work on maintaining the strong relationships they have built for your business. If you want to take it a step further, you can enquire about integrating automations into your sales pipelines, this can allow all of your customer data to be automatically managed along each step of your customer journey, from sales through to service, and all the way to scheduled marketing campaigns.

One centralised place to sync all of your data

Its very likely that you use cloud-based systems in your day-to-day life, so why shouldn't you utilise the same platform within business. In those instances where you need to manually input data, having it sync automatically between all staff makes handling documents a breeze. This way, when you make a change to a document, the data changes for everyone in your system automatically, greatly reducing the risk of human error. This decreases the risk of overlooking, losing or cloning data dramatically.

How can we help?

When you're planning your next strategy meeting, spare a thought to consider the benefits mentioned in this guide. There are many business management tools available to organisations, but CRM continues to be one of the most popular and effective forms to manage customer data. Zigaflow's CRM has the power to streamline your customer centric processes, request a live web demo with us today to see for yourself.

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