Powering up Pre-builds

Pre-builds allow you to set out different processes for different scenarios with specific functionality relevant to the module

Author: Euan Aitken | Last Updated: 21/07/2021
Powering up Pre-builds

Our Pre-builds have become one of the most powerful elements in our software.

Two of the major features shared across all module Pre-Builds are the ability to automate the creation and allocation of tasks to members of your team, and also to trigger automatic email correspondence to clients, suppliers, team members or specific email addresses.

These scheduled email messages have become hugely important as a way to manage customer communication quickly and effectively.

Up until now, these scheduled messages could be triggered so many days after a status had changed or before a key date.

You can now set rules to immediately send a scheduled message to the desired recipient as soon as a status has changed.

This could be a simple message to say “Thank you for your order” upon a quote being accepted, or a “Booking Confirmation” when a job is changed to a booked status, or even a “Thank you for your payment” email when an invoice is marked as paid.

There are lots of different ways in which this could be used depending on how you would want things to run in your business – all it needs is a little imagination!

On top of this, we have now also added the ability to automatically change the status of a record generated from a Pre-Build when a scheduled message is sent.

This is a great way to get a clear picture in a module screen of exactly where things are up to, and combining all of this with the likes of the automated tasks ensures each of your specific processes can be followed quickly and easily at all times.

Pre-builds are currently available in the following modules:

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