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For most of our customers, the ability to automate key business processes provides one of the biggest gains in terms of time-saving

Author: Euan Aitken | Published: 12/08/2022

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For those who don’t fully understand the scope of automation, it is essentially the ability to create rules which say “If this happens – do this”.

Aside from all of the wonderful choices for actions in automations, we have now added the ability to combine the automations with our flexible tagging options within the system.

The following action currently applies to the automation in:

You can now make an action to add or remove the following tag types

  • Order Tags (Document Level)
  • Company Tags (Customer Level)
  • Contact Tags (Individual Level)

Tags serve several purposes around the system. These can be used as;

  • Visual Cues
  • Filters to segment data
  • In the case of Company Tags, these can be used to control processes and messaging within the system

Essentially, this addition allows you to create further intelligence within the automations in the system, providing ways to save even more time and helping you to grow your business. To find out more, get in touch with our team today to book a demo.

Euan Aitken

Euan Aitken

Sales & Marketing Director

Having started his journey with Zigaflow as a customer who took a keen interest in what the software could become, Euan joined us to lead our Sales & Marketing. Euan loves all things Business, Sales & Tech.

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