How Zigaflow can help while you're working from home

In recent times, more and more people are opting to adapt to a hybrid working methodology. The pandemic may have shown us that these working conditions could be here to stay, so it's important to be prepared to tackle your work from your own facilities.

Author: Euan Aitken | Published: 12/08/2022

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How Zigaflow can help while you're working from home

There are lots of financial and business-related benefits to working from home, and it seems like people are starting to notice them. In fact, many companies have realised that physically being at the office isn't always necessary to produce good results. According to Global Workplace Analytics, businesses lose over $600 billion a year (that's roughly £454 billion) to 'workplace distractions', and that remote workers are 35-40% more productive than those who work full-time at the office. FlexJobs found similar results- their survey of more than 2,100 people who have worked remotely discovered that 51% of workers reported feeling more productive while working from home, and 95% said that productivity had been higher or the same while working remotely.

This is not to say that the home office doesn't also have personal benefits. Being in the comfort of your own home, using your computer or laptop rather than company equipment, sometimes working in your pyjamas- these are just a few. It also gives some parents the privilege of spending more time with their families, pets and other loved ones. In general, remote working or 'hybrid' working (dividing your time between the home and the office) has the potential to create a more relaxed work environment compared to the stresses of a busy office, which can be great for productivity.

With this in mind, if businesses are going to start encouraging remote work or 'hybrid' schedules, how do we create these productive home/work environments?

We think Zigaflow might have the answer.

How to work from home productively using Zigaflow

Don't worry about not having a computer

We know that not everyone can afford the luxury of having a computer or laptop at home. Thankfully, with Zigaflow, this is not an issue. Since our software is web-based and not a hardware package that relies on your office to function, you can use Zigaflow on practically any smart device- including a computer, laptop, handheld tablet or mobile phone.

Stay up to date with every task

As long as you have a stable Wi-Fi or data connection, you can use Zigaflow anywhere and everywhere. Any tasks assigned to you are available to pick up and any actions taken, or notes made, are updated live for the rest of your team wherever they are. All files associated with a customer or supplier are also stored within Zigaflow's system- so you can work from the office or the living room.

Stay in contact with your customers

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. With the CRM at the heart of Zigaflow, all your customers details will be accessible so you can speak to them or email them in an instant, with full visibility of all your customers' history. With the powerful automations in Zigaflow, you can automatically keep customers up to date with the progress of their jobs or sales orders and keep communication flowing.

Report and edit data in real-time

All of our reporting is done via live interactive dashboards which are designed to give you a real-time overview of what is going on in your business. This means it doesn't matter where you get your work done; everyone has a real-time view of everything across your business.

Do you think you would benefit from working from home or switching to a 'hybrid' work schedule? If so, we think Zigaflow is right for you. Click here to book a demo today.

Euan Aitken

Euan Aitken

Sales & Marketing Director

Having started his journey with Zigaflow as a customer who took a keen interest in what the software could become, Euan joined us to lead our Sales & Marketing. Euan loves all things Business, Sales & Tech.

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