How to communicate with your customers more efficiently

Managing customers efficiently is essential to retaining customers and providing them with the best service possible whenever you have an interaction

Published: 03/01/2023

How to communicate with your customers more efficiently

Customers are at the core of any business, and maintaining good communications with your customers can build long-lasting relationships. We have put together a few tips on how Zigaflow can help you can communicate efficiently with your customers.

Communicate using their preferred method

You are more likely to get a quick response from your customers if you establish their preferred method of communication.

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software offers huge customisation options that allow you to add your own custom fields into the software. You can add text, dropdowns, date, and text area fields so you have the data that is relevant to you.

By adding a drop-down with various communication methods (email, SMS, phone, etc.), you can stipulate their preferred method of communication.

Maintain regular contact with your customers

Time each week can be set aside to focus on any tasks that need to be performed for your customers.

You can create regular tasks that are assigned to the account manager of a customer to make a weekly call or send an email. These tasks can be scheduled on a regular basis at a frequency of your choosing. You can create tasks based on changes to any quote, job, or other records in your CRM.

Follow up every time

No matter what interaction you have with your customers, even outside of making a sale, make sure you follow up. If your customer has had an issue with your service or product schedule a follow-up a few days later to make sure that their expectations were reached, and any issues were fully resolved to their satisfaction.

In the instance of a support request, Zigaflow gives you the functionality to send a follow-up email or SMS when that support request has been closed. You can configure the follow-up to be sent at a specific time and personalise it, so it is sent from the account manager, helping to maintain a personal relationship with the customer.

Put your customers in control

Customer portals are a fantastic way for your customers to access the information they need without having to contact you and wait for a response.

Zigaflow’s customer portals provide your customers with access to important documents, client assets that you have sold and or maintain for them and eForms that are linked to quotes that require approval.

You are in complete control as to what information your customers have access to, and these settings can be unique for each customer.

Zigaflow provides a complete CRM solution that caters to every need of your business. We are constantly evolving and improving our software. For more information on how Zigaflow can help you manage your customers more effectively then book an online demo today.

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