How can eForms benefit your business and why should you be using them?

eForms have a range of benefits and can be utilised by virtually every business, we have listed a few of the benefits and why you should switch to eForms

Published: 17/01/2023

How can eForms benefit your business and why should you be using them?

What is an eForm?

eForms are digital documents that can log, confirm and submit data to your CRM for processing. They are an electronic replacement for paper documents, allowing data to be transmitted digitally, meaning users can complete forms and submit them from any location.  

Why switch from paper to eForms?

  • Reduced printing and distributing costs as well as turnaround time
  • Real-time updates and collaboration
  • Instant data processing and report building
  • Added features such as GPS tracking and immediate image capture

Advantages of using eForms in Zigaflow:

  • You can email and text the eForm to the recipient
  • There is no need for the recipient to log into the system, the user can simply ‘click here’ on the generated link
  • You can set up scheduled messages and tasks which will automatically run behind the scenes to chase up anyone who has not yet completed the required forms
  • You have the option to create required fields, where the form cannot be submitted unless they are completed
  • You will be alerted if you require approval for your processes and it has been denied by the recipient of the eForm
  • eForms are completely customisable and flexible, enabling you to use them in whichever way you need to

Use cases for eForms:

Installation certificate

Prove that an installation has occurred and provide all the details that the client needs on a certificate. It will usually include the installer’s signature and photos of the installation.

Generate a certificate as evidence of the safety of a product or installation. Include sector-specific information picked from dropdowns and photos.

Artwork approvals

Send artwork to your customer, allowing them to approve it (with an electronic signature) or reject it with their comments on why. If this can be incorporated into your business workflows, it will reduce bottlenecks and delays.

Job sign-off / Completion certificate

When it is necessary to prove that a job has been completed, either by internal staff or sub-contractors, being able to add photos directly is invaluable, as well as including text and signatures on one document.

Snagging / Repair list

When the customer or your team compiles a list of issues that need to be dealt with, give the team the information they need to find and fix the issues, as well allow them add photos and text to prove each one has been resolved. This can frequently be more than one or two repairs, so automating the generation of this form list is very important.

Fault reporting 

Make it easy for a customer to report a fault. This can include a photo, text and an automatic acknowledgement to the reporter. Ideally, use SMS to work better with customers who are not always looking at their emails.


Vital for site visits, ideally any RAMS creation should include much of the data that is already in the system, such as the customer name and site address, as well as making it easy to retain information, such as the local hospital.


Make sure certain questions are answered by customers or sub-contracts and don’t let them complete the form until they have completed the mandatory questions.

Automate document requests

Make it easy for your customers and suppliers to send you documents. Request document details and by using the file upload facility on an eForm, bypass the need for your customers or suppliers to send an email with a large file that might go into spam.

Risk assessment

Create risk assessments quickly pulling information from customer and site data to provide the appropriate documentation to commence work on a customer site.

Terms and Conditions

Ask your customer to sign your Terms and Conditions online, or when you have a service or product that the customer needs to agree on specific terms and conditions for, eForms make it easy to generate and get signed.

Site inspection

When you have staff about to work onsite, you might want to have an inspection record of the state of the site before commencing work. Take photos, record text and get a customer signature before starting work, and use this in case of a dispute later on.

Send Documents

Send a link to a customer to a one-off page where the customer can view and download document(s) and automate chasers to the customer to acknowledge they have seen and/or downloaded them.

8 reasons using eForms will benefit your business

They are very customisable

eForms are a very flexible and customisable functionality, whereby you can tailor them according to your own unique business requirements. Form creation is not only straightforward but has lots of options to choose including multiple question types, drag-and-drop photo attachments and an eSigning function.

They are convenient

From both the user's and sender’s point of view, they are convenient. The sender simply sends an email or an SMS with the link to the eForm, which the user can then access without needing to log in to the system. It also saves time and money, where errors are automatically recognised and corrected via formatting and required fields.

They enable your business to be more productive

eForms cut out the manual processes you might otherwise spend time and resources on, allowing your team members to spend more time on tasks that generate revenue. eForms ensure your team can reach their full potential, without wasting time on menial tasks.

They are accessible anywhere

eForms are accessible wherever they need to be completed. For example, if the user is completing a site inspection, they can complete the eForm in one sitting whilst they are still there, allowing them to upload any photo evidence and submit it back to the sender. This is where mobile access is very useful as there is no need for computer hardware on-site, as the forms can simply be completed on a mobile phone.

They cost much less and save paperwork (and paper)

Paper-based processing has many hidden associated costs (printing and distributing), as well as valuable work hours, so switching to eForms is not only saving you money but also more environmentally friendly.

They give you control over the data you receive

You have complete authority over the data you ask for through eForms, including any required fields. This means you have a better-organised data set, whereby you know exactly what information you are being given. Though it may seem a minor issue, eForms means there is no room for handwriting transcription, thus eliminating potential related errors.

They provide immediate updates

Real-time feedback is something paper cannot provide. Once the form has been completed, the sender can give the user a confirmation immediately, providing assurance the task is now completed, all in a short space of time.

They streamline your processes

eForms cut out the ‘middle-man’ in terms of administration, the completed form will go straight from onsite staff to the central office system, providing transparency and accountability to your processes.


eForms are a fantastic step up from paper-based processes. As a more efficient, productive and sustainable option, they can offer your business much more, saving you countless hours of menial work and all the hidden costs that accompany it.

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