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Task Management

Task Management Software

While one of the biggest benefits of our software is the fact many tasks can be automated, there will always be some tasks which need to be handled manually.

Our task management is an integral part of the overall software, and allows you to create task types specific to your business.

Using our innovative pre-builds around the system, tasks can be automatically created and assigned as you work through your day-to-day business, making our task management module far superior to any of the standalone task management software systems.

IncludedIncluded Sales Automation

Sales Automation

IncludedIncluded Business Automation

Business Automation

IncludedIncluded Service Automation

Service Automation

Automated task management

Automatically create tasks based on the process of other modules. For example, if a lead has progressed to a new stage of the process, a task could be created for a member of your team to invoice the lead or process their payment.

Rules can be determined by you to create tasks based on certain criteria, such as if a status is changed on a quote, contract, invoice and more, you have full control to customise the software based on your requirements.

Create custom input fields

Assign specific tasks to the correct individual

Life is made easier when you can automatically assign tasks to the correct person.

By using our module pre-builds, you can assign specific tasks to users based on the progress of quotations, jobs, and more. These appear in the user's task list based on the schedule rules so you can be sure your task gets assigned to the right staff member.

Set payment terms and credit limit for your suppliers

Create your own task types

Have you got types of tasks that are specific to you or your business?

Create your own task types in Zigaflow using the Task Management module. Users can then filter their task list by type, allowing them to concentrate blocks of time on specific tasks, which is great for productivity.

View your interactions with each supplier

Access valuable integrations

Are your tasks connected to something else either inside or outside of the system?

Often a task is associated to something like a customer order, as tasks can be linked details of any linked records are quickly accessible from the task list, and tasks ac-cessible in the records.

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Set payment terms and credit limit for your suppliers

Stay visible everywhere

Wouldn’t it be great to see tasks progress without wasting time on it?

While there is a task list in the Task Management module, there is also a tasks tab in each record, and you have the choice to show them on pipeline cards. This means that you can see what has and hasn’t been completed at a glance!

View your interactions with each supplier

Calendar view

Quickly switch between a grid or calendar view so you can choose how to view your upcoming tasks.

Specify when your business day starts and ends, and display the calendar automatically when a task is due so you never fall behind schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Task management software’s are everywhere, but most require a lot of setup. When you create a task, or groups of tasks, this often makes even the market leading systems very cumbersome. Having a process of building up key tasks automatically is far more beneficial in the long run.

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