More than a link in a chain

Everyone talks about customer relationship management, which is obviously really important.

What about the importance of managing the relationships with your suppliers?

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Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Let’s be honest: your suppliers are a massively important part of your business. Sometimes your business model is totally reliant on them.

In the same way you manage your relationship with your customer, you should have a system in place to do the same with suppliers. Having a full record of items that they supply to you, making Purchase Orders or RFQs easily accessible, gives you more ways in which you can better manage these relationships.

Reporting linked to supplier records could easily give you bargaining power for on-going discounts as your spending increases over time.

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Sales Automation

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Business Automation

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Service Automation

Create custom input fields

Create custom input fields

Do you want to store specific information and details against asset records for easier access?

With the SRM module, you can create custom fields to match the data requirements you have by choosing different input formats such as numbers, single line text, multi-line text, checkboxes, dropdown menus and date fields.

Set payment terms and credit limit for your suppliers

Set payment terms and credit limit for your suppliers

Would you like to keep track of the payment terms you have agreed?

Specify and set your payment terms as well as the credit limit for each supplier that you have listed on your account. The system will then use the payment terms on your purchase orders sent to suppliers.

View your interactions with each supplier

View your interactions with each supplier

Wouldn’t it be great to view all of your interactions in one place?

With the SRM module, every task, purchase order or RFQ associated with each supplier is stored in that supplier's unique record. Within the reporting you can even group your reports by suppliers to help with supplier negotiations.

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Items and assets made easy

Items and assets made easy

Do you want to quickly see the items that relate to each of your suppliers?

With each record in the SRM module, you can see the items and item categories that your suppliers supply to you. And, if you use our Service Automation, you will see the assets you supplied to customers purchased from that supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A supplier relationship management system is an application or software which allows you to track and report on all activity with your suppliers.

For many businesses you are a link in the supply chain, you have your customers and your suppliers, both which should be carefully managed to ensure you are always getting best value for money, and getting the most from these relationships.

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