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Managing your stock well can have a massive, positive impact on cash-flow within your business.

Would you prefer to keep your cash in the bank or your warehouse?

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Stock Control System

Stock Control System

Manage your inventory by booking goods in via purchase orders, and out via delivery notes. Track serial numbers, batch numbers or expiration dates on products, with the ability to quickly allocate stock directly on to an individual sales order or job record.

You can even give your sales team access to view stock when adding items to quotations—to help you better manage your inventory.

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Sales Automation

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Business Automation

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Service Automation

Add, Adjust, Move and Book-out Stock

If you are managing individual items through their serial numbers or another unique reference, the Stock Control tool makes this easy. With this powerful tool, you’ll never have to stress about your stock again.

The Stock Control tool allows you to add stock directly to a location or use Zigaflow’s purchase orders tool to book it in from an order. Log an explanation of why the stock has been moved or adjusted. Book out your stock using the delivery notes tool so you have complete control of your stock movements and you know exactly how much you have.

Use unique reference numbers for individual items

Use unique reference numbers for individual items

Do you need to track serial numbers or batch numbers for your items?

Set your items in an item list to determine if it should be tracked with either of these references. Then, as you book in stock, these references are stored and can be searched in the stock list.

You can see a full history of your items if you have a service contract for the related customer, so if an item needs regular maintenance or if it needs to be recalled, you know who has bought it and how to contact them.

Keep track of stock across multiple locations

Keep track of stock across multiple locations

Have you more than one location or premises for stock?

With the Stock Control module, you can set up a layered stock location plan in the stock system, which allows you to organise your stock as required. You can get a detailed view of stock by location in the system.

Add expiration dates and other custom fields

Add expiration dates and other custom fields

Do you stock and supply perishable goods?

With Stock Control, you can apply expiration dates to the products in your stock system as part of the goods in process, which allows you to track and manage the expiration dates of your perishable goods effectively.

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Create unique stock reports

Create unique stock reports

How do you know the value of the stock you are holding?

The Stock Control Management module has a stock value export which takes the value of items as per how they are stored in your items list and all of the quantities on-hand to create a spreadsheet report of stock value.

Quickly Search Your Stock

Quickly Search Your Stock

The easy-to-use screens of the Stock Control module allow you to see all your products in stock and highlights when there is a stock shortage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

A stock control system ensures that your business can maintain an accurate log of your stock levels.

A good system will handle stock across multiple locations, allowing a larger business to despatch goods from the most appropriate location to provide efficiencies in customer fulfilment.

Details of inventory are essential and should allow for tracking serial numbers, batch numbers & expiration dates for perishable goods.

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