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Your potential customers will likely negotiate with you, so you should definitely negotiate with your supply chain.

How much extra profit would you have made last year even if you’d saved just 1% across your purchasing?

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Request for Quotations

Requests For Quotations

Sometimes, you might work with suppliers and products where costs vary so you can’t have fixed costs stored in your items list. Other times, you might have more than one supplier from whom you buy specific products or materials. Maybe you just want to secure better prices for a specific customer project where you need to get a competitive edge or improve your profit margin.

Either way, our Requests for Quotations module (or ‘RFQ’ module) will let you manage all of this without the time-consuming calls and emails.

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Send quote requests for products or services

Is phoning around or emailing your suppliers really the best way to get pricing?

With the RFQ module, you can request a quotation to one or more suppliers at the click of a button, and track your suppliers’ responses within the system, while keeping the RFQ record linked to the specific quotation or job from which it came.

Generate purchase orders

Generate purchase orders

Picture this: you have just decided to proceed with a request for a quotation. Great! But what’s next?

With the use of this module, to generate a purchase order from within the RFQ record to that supplier, all you have to do is click a button. Doing this creates a link between the two records and gives you a complete audit trail of activity—with no added fuss. It’s really that simple.

Create custom statuses and stay in the know

Create custom statuses and stay in the know

What steps would you like your Request for Quotation process to follow?

Create one main set of statuses with the ability to split them into independent workflows. This, in turn, allows you to move an RFQ into a specific workflow and view each one individually.

When any supplier has responded to your RFQ and approved it, the status can then be updated automatically. This can then trigger the next stage of the process by automatically booking in stock once the supplier has sent you a purchase order.

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Give users freedom with custom input fields

Give users freedom with custom input fields

Do you want to store specific information and details against quotation records?

This module allows you to create custom fields that match the data requirements you have. Choose different input formats such as numbers, single-line text, multi-line text, checkboxes, dropdown menus and date fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

An RFQ (Request for Quotation) is used to describe a document sent to a supplier detailing products and quantities for which the sender would like to receive a quotation.

An RFQ software allows you to quickly create, send and track these requests and their responses.

This is something which used to only be available to and used by corporations, but more recently this technology has become widely available to all at an affordable price.

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