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Imagine how quickly you could reach decisions with all of the key data available all the time?

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Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Making decisions based on evidence or information usually leads to the best outcomes. It gives you the opportunity to make changes quickly and effectively to create lasting positive change in your business.

Knowing you can rely on the information at your fingertips is empowering, and something which once required a huge price tag. Your customers’ needs have changed—everyone wants things now. Why should your business data be any different?

IncludedIncluded Sales Automation

Sales Automation

IncludedIncluded Business Automation

Business Automation

IncludedIncluded Service Automation

Service Automation

Report data in real time

When it comes to running a business, you need to know what is going on right this minute, every minute.

All of our reporting is done via live interactive dashboards that are designed to give you a real-time overview of what is going on in your business, using various data points so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Tailor and filter the dashboard to suit your needs

Tailor and filter the dashboard to suit your needs

Would you like to tailor what you see on your dashboard?

With Real-Time Reporting, rather than making lots of static dashboards, you can quickly and easily apply lots of different filtering options to the one board—this enables you view the exact data you want to see at that moment in time, without feeling the clutter of a big to-do list.

Access multiple different views

Access multiple different views

Do you prefer graphs or lists?

With this module, you can easily choose between different types of graphs, detailed list views, timeline reports or even leader boards where you can choose different ways to group and display your reporting information.

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Focus down to item-level detail

Focus down to item-level detail

Do you want to really delve into your system data?

We have real-time dashboards which will allow you to drill down to item level detail so you can analyse your best performing items to empower you to make quick business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Real-time reporting is a term used to describe the availability of information and data “as it happens”.

There are many reporting tools out there, but only in recent years has the need for real-time information become so paramount.

Having information readily available at all times allows you to make business decisions much faster than what was previously possible.

Sadly, many of the leading software platforms still work on historical data unless you buy expensive add-ons or 3rd party applications.

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