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Create risk assessments, remedial jobs, invoices and more from a project record.

Does your project management software or spreadsheet let you do that?

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Project Management Software

Managing your customer projects should be a simple process, even with lots of variables at play. Our project management module gives you a bird’s eye view of everything relating to each of your projects.

Track timelines and budgets across one or more customer jobs or sales orders with all associated documents brought into one easy to view screen. You don’t need to create a project timeline each and every time—the system builds up key dates for you automatically.

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Sales Automation

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Business Automation

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Service Automation

Key benefits

Below is a snapshot of some of the most popular key benefits from using the Project Management Module.

Track multiple jobs

Do you ever have more than one job or order as part of the same project?

Get a complete view of one or more jobs and all of the associated records in a single screen. Quickly create jobs for return visits linked to the record automatically, giving total insight on project activity.

Track multiple jobs
Project invoicing

Project invoicing

Would you benefit from consolidating multiple jobs into one invoice?

At the click of a button, you can select one or more jobs from inside a project record and merge it into one customer sales invoice. This is ideal for staged payments, or when you invoice what has been completed in the month.

Gantt charts

Gantt charts

How could you manage projects without Gantt Charts?

The Gantt Charts allows you to view all of the key dates from associated records within a single project. You can also overlay more than one project, to give you a clearer view when planning resources.

Budget tracking

Why would you want to track your budgets?

Automatically pull financials from related Jobs, invoices and Purchase Orders to give you a clear view of progress against budget and breakdown of profit and labour costs across on each individual project.

Budget tracking

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Add files to your projects

Add files to your projects

Users can upload files such as images, word docs and spreadsheets to help better manage a project.

Everyone within your business can access any shared files that have been uploaded.

Create Invoices and Delivery Notes

Create Invoices and Delivery Notes

Progress a job by creating an invoice or delivery note quickly and easily directly from project management with just a few clicks.

Create automations that create an invoice and/or delivery note by simply changing the status or a job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

A project management software is an application or software designed to manage the processes involved in delivering customer projects.

Typically, this includes things like timescales & budgets and usually provides options to view this information in a Gantt format which has become synonymous with project management.

This software should give you a complete view of all activities relating to each individual project, and ideally show you timelines across multiple projects at the same time to better plan resources like staff and transport.

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