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Leads Management Software

Keep track of different types of enquiries, leads or opportunities quickly and easily in multiple lead workflows.

Create prepopulated lead cards using our intuitive pre-builds, containing questions and tasks specific to that type of lead.

Create quotations with the click of a button, and keep your lead pipeline up to date automatically as your quotes progress.

IncludedIncluded Sales Automation

Sales Automation

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Business Automation

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Service Automation

What is Lead Management?

A lead management software is an application or software designed to improve the process of creating, tracking and reporting on sales leads and opportunities.

Often these are a part of basic CRM functionality, however sometimes the capabilities are somewhat limited and often require lots of manual effort to maintain records.

Our Lead Management is an integral part of the Zigaflow software, making it part of a highly powerful suite of business applications.

What is Lead Management?

Key Benefits

Below is a snapshot of some of the most popular key benefits from using the Leads Management Module.

Create multiple lead pipelines

Multiple pipelines

Do your leads sometimes follow a different process?

You can create different pipelines, each with its own statuses specific to the process those sales leads follow. Each can be reported on and viewed independently, and leads can be reassigned to a different pipeline.

Assign default probabilities to each stage

Default probabilities

Do you use a weighting system to forecast your sales?

Assign a specific percentage probability to each status you set out against any of your lead pipelines. The system will then calculate a weighted forecast on each lead, status and pipeline to give you clearer insight.

Create your own stages


Would you prefer not to fill out the same information time and time again?

Pre-Builds allow you to complete certain fields of information before you create the lead, saving valuable time. You can create specific questions & instructions which can act as a playbook for your sales staff.

Auto update status based on progress of linked quotes

Connected quotations

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just create a quote from a lead?

Once you create a lead, you can click a button to create a quotation either from scratch or using a quotation pre-build. This is linked to the lead, and the lead status can be auto-updated as the quote progresses.

Related Modules

These are some of the most common modules where our customers benefit from what the Leads Management module offers.



Create and send personalised, professional, and attractive quotations and/or proposals in your branding. Automated your follow up processes to always control the next steps. Best in class by a long mile.

Task Management

Task Management

Not only can you create and assign tasks, the tasks module is linked to all other modules with advanced options for auto creation and allocation based on defined rules ensuring processes are followed every time.



Get a clear view of everything relating to each of your customers. Use custom fields and tags to have your customer data exactly how you need or want it to be. Our CRM is intrinsically linked to all system modules.

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