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Item Management

Item Management

Any software you use is only as good as the information you put in it, which is why we have created an item management module which ensures you have the best information, all the time.

IncludedIncluded Sales Automation

Sales Automation

IncludedIncluded Business Automation

Business Automation

IncludedIncluded Service Automation

Service Automation

Maintain and manage your items

The items list gives you somewhere to store a catalogue of products and services so you can quickly and easily add these to quotations and other documents. Custom fields, item images, item tags, kits (bundles) and default attachments are also all part of this module.

Manage your input fields

Manage your input fields

Do you want to store specific information and details against item records?

Create custom fields to match the data requirements you have, including input formats such as numbers, single-line text, multi-line text, checkboxes, dropdown menus and date fields.

Add visual information to your items

Add visual information to your items

Do you need visual and detailed information stored against your items so you can remember what’s what?

With this module, you can add multiple images to each product record and include attachments such as specification sheets or instruction manuals. You can also store items with dimensions, weights, labour times and costs and so much more.

Create kits and link your items

Create kits and link your items

Have you ever forgotten to add something essential onto a quote? At Zigaflow, we know it happens to the best of us—and we’re here to help.

Create kits of multiple products, services or materials to quickly add them all to a quote in one click, with no need to remember everything off by heart. You can even link to alternative or associated items to quickly swap out or add items to sales quotations so when it comes to your items, you never miss a beat.

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Create pricing in multiple currencies

Do you buy or sell in more than one currency or sell at prices depending on the customer or volume?

With this module, create Recommended Retail Prices (or RRPs) in multiple currencies and different price lists, which can be assigned to specific customers when necessary. Set volume prices against each price list, plus volume discounts on purchases from your suppliers.

Create pricing in multiple currencies

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Item management is a system for storing information relating to your catalogue of products or services.

An intuitive system should provide reporting against items, the ability to handle bulk discounts, multiple prices & currencies.

Things like product dimensions and weights should not only be included but any system should be able to calculate the totals of these when creating things like delivery note.

There is an array of standalone item management systems on the market, however ours is an integral part of our subscription plans to give you a seamless way of working with Zigaflow.

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