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Invoice Software

Invoice Software

Invoices are nothing new, and you might be thinking to yourself that your accounts system handles your invoicing just fine. But does it?

While all accounts systems do cover the function of invoicing, they are typically very limited when it comes to branding them as your own. With Zigaflow, that isn’t the case.

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Business Automation

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Generate and email Invoices

Generate and email invoices at the click of a button from quotes, jobs, delivery notes and more. Automatic linking makes it easy to see what you've billed and when. Create proforma, part or full invoices, as well as credit notes, and post them into your accounts system.

Non-accounts staff can generate and send an invoice without having access to your accounts system—meaning your invoices go out sooner and saves you stress.

Edit and manage custom input fields

Edit and manage custom input fields

Do you want to store specific information and details against invoice records?

With the Invoicing module, you can create custom fields to match the data requirements you have, no matter what they may be. You can choose different input formats such as numbers, single line text, multi-line text, checkboxes, dropdown menus and date fields.

Take card payments by connecting with Stripe

Take card payments by connecting with Stripe

Are there times when you want to be able to take card payments, but you just aren’t able to?

Connect your Stripe account to Zigaflow and choose to enable payments on all (or even just some) quotations, and let customers pay directly via a secure web page without any involvement from your team. Make card payments easy.

Stripe allows you to send a payment link to a customer (if a customer is required to pay upfront) which allows the user to enter their card details. If no payment has been made, you can send a scheduled message to them after a pre-determined period to remind them of your agreement. This allows you to focus your attention elsewhere and know that customers are being reminded of their payments.

Automate invoice payment reminders

Automate invoice payment reminders

Don’t you just love chasing customers to make sure they pay their invoice? Yeah, neither do we.

Create automated payment reminders which you can change based on the customer, all connected to your own specific email accounts. Dynamically build tasks for credit control as soon as invoices go past their due dates and make sure your customers always know when their invoices are due.

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Create and send credit notes

Create and send credit notes

In the event of an invoice error, incorrect/damaged products or order cancellations, credit notes are essential. With Zigaflow, you can now create and send credit notes out to your customers with ease.

Customise and brand your Invoices

Customise and brand your Invoices

Would you like more control over how your invoices appear to your customers? Maybe you want to try something new and really 'wow' people with your presentation.

When it comes to our templates, you can change colours, fonts, layouts and more to perfectly match your business’s brand and style. Move, add or remove information on the invoices so that they show exactly what you want. Enhance your invoices by importing product imagery automatically.

This simple customisation helps to give you full control over what information is displayed and where, and leaves a lasting positive impact on your customers that will always have them coming back for more.

You can also quickly swap between your templates, which is ideal if you need to show different payment terms or use another style or branding than your default template.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

An invoice is a document used to request payment from a customer.

Depending on the country you operate from, or the customers you supply to, the invoices you send may need to contain different information from a legal perspective.

While an invoice is nothing exciting in its’ own right, companies spend a lot of money on branding, and this should not be overlooked on your invoice as it is still a customer facing document.

Many invoice systems make it difficult to do much more than adding your company logo, while you should ultimately be able to choose layouts, fonts and more and even include marketing collateral!

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