Paper is overrated

You need your customer to sign off the form and get it back to so you can send out their deposit invoice.

Can you just imagine if you had the tools to get that form signed off on the same day?

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There are lots of tools on the market nowadays to get documents electronically signed off. This is nothing new.

The difference with our eForm module is that it is tightly integrated with other modules in Zigaflow, and works in ways you that couldn’t with any other tool. Whether it be artwork approvals, fault reports, RAMS documents or producing certificates, we’ve got it covered.

Nobody wants paper forms—not really.

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Close deals faster with e-signatures

Reduce the amount that you spend on paper, ink and postage by using eSignatures. Not only that, but also speed up the process for quotation approval, signed contracts, delivery notes and any other area of your business that requires a signature.

Electronically signed documents are legally enforceable in a wide range of countries around the world, so rest assured that any documents signed in Zigaflow are (and always will be) legally binding!

Produce documents from collected data

Generate eForms from anywhere

eForms can be generated within other modules around the software when a signature or sign-off is required. For example, if a quote needs approval to move forward, you can create an eForm within that particular quote to send to the recipient.

Produce documents from collected data

Gather data without wasting time

How do you gather information from customers, suppliers or subcontractors without wasting hours of time?

Zigaflow is an easier and more structured way to gather or store data from third parties. All information submitted is stored in the system for you to access and review as required, whenever you need. eForms can also be linked to specific items, quotations or other records for added ease of use.

Produce documents from collected data

Produce documents from collected data

Do you need to produce documents not covered in other areas of the system?

Using the eForms module, you can collect all the information you need and then use it to produce documents based on your business needs. Everything from risk assessments, RAMS documents, certificates of conformity or site reports—it’s all possible in Zigaflow.

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Get approval the easy way

Get approval the easy way

Do you have a particular piece of artwork or a design that needs approving?

We can help with that. Zigaflow’s eForms module can be easily used to get things approved without fuss: simply create an eForm pre-build to match your requirements, and upload alongside your designs to send off for electronic sign-off.

Effortlessly approve and sign off work

Effortlessly approve and sign off work

Do you want to be able to get work signed off on-site?

Use this module to create eForm pre-builds with predetermined questions, mandatory image uploads, and much more. Send these eForms to customers, subcontractors or even third-party logistics teams to get your work signed off on time, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of frequently asked questions, you will find a number of these through the site relevant to the information on those pages. If you cannot find an answer to a question, do not hesitate to get in touch.

An eForm is essentially an electronic version of what was a paper-based document.

It’s a way to gather information from customers, suppliers or subcontractors quickly and effectively with minimal fuss.

There are massive gains both in timesaving, but also environmental too, as using eForms massively reduces the need for paper and print.

Gone are the days of having to email a form for someone to print, scan and send back after they’ve signed.

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