Outlook 365 integration

Improve the deliverability of important documents and messages

Why you should connect to Outlook 365

Zigaflow’s built-in email engine allows you to send documents, quotations, invoices, payment reminders, automatic follow-ups, and more. The problem with a setup like this, regardless of your software package, is that it is easy for your emails to end up in that pesky spam folder! Why would you want that when you are sending quotations to generate more revenue and sending invoices to get paid?

Connecting Zigaflow to Outlook 365 is quick and easy, and we fully support multi-factor authentication. You can connect individual and group mailbox accounts, so quotations can be sent from individuals while invoices, payment reminders and credit control emails can be sent from email addresses beginning with “accounts@”.

Multi-Factor Authentication

By setting up app passwords you can have multi-factor authentication on your email account while connected to us!

Avoid Spam Filters

Connecting Outlook to Zigaflow helps you to avoid pesky spam filters and actually get your business message across!

Keep the Conversation Going

Emails are sent from your Outlook account so when a customer replies, it comes straight into your inbox with no fuss.

The benefits of connecting to Outlook

  • Emails sent from within the system appear in your sent items in Outlook
  • Responses come straight to your inbox, wherever and whenever, even if you are not logged in to Outlook
  • Spam filters are bypassed completely
  • Continue using multi-factor authentication
Maintain Conversation

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