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Run your business processes like a pro

As a software business you’ll want to focus on what you do best – developing fantastic solutions. We get it.

Let Zigaflow do what it does best and you’ll see your business processes work more effectively and your teams work together more collaboratively.

Save time and money and demonstrate to your customers and employees the efficiency and professionalism of your offer.



Enable seamless processes and tasks between different teams and locations, whether remote, hybrid or office-based.



Avoid wasted time by automating typical, repeatable tasks to reduce pressure on your teams and keep everything up to date.



Produce quotes quickly and easily, incorporating all the information recurring or new customers might need in a professional and easy- to- understand format.

Are you a typical Zigaflow user?

If you want your business to grow, it is essential to have the right system to underpin all of your business processes. By not just building market-leading software, but also using the best software, you’ll rise above the competition.

  • Remote teams and individuals operating differently
  • Pressure on cash flow and capital expenditure
  • Poor visibility of real-time business performance measures
  • Time pressures from development projects or customer consultation needs
  • Need to better communicate the benefits of your software offering
  • Quoting for work takes a long time
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining the best talent
  • Frequently having to re-enter data in multiple systems

Everything in one place

Get everyone using the same software

Reduce the frustration caused by different systems and bring together all of your team in one simple- to- use business management system.

Sales teams, development teams, support teams, account management & finance teams will share information and work together more effectively.

Plus, controls built in enable different permission-levels for different roles and users.

Regardless of where your team members work from, they’ll have access to all the information they need, when and where they need it.

Everything in one place

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Functionality to fit your business

You know what will work best for your business. Have the ability to change screen layouts to suit your way of working.

Here are some examples of different areas within the system – to find out more request a demo.

Third slide


Real-time visibility of all opportunities and sales performance, from current quotations and potential revenue, to purchase orders and delivery notes.

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Quickly create detailed quotations for your customers, without having to spend hours adding products and calculating a price.

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Contract Management

Make life easier with functionality built-in for software businesses, such as the ability to track license keys and manage workflows.

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Speed up the invoicing process for recurring customers to display efficiency to the customer and improve cash flow.

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Allow the tech to save you and your team valuable time by automating simple, repeatable tasks.

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Real-time Reporting

Get a live overview of all areas of the business, across different teams and locations, to keep performance on track.

Custom-made or out of the box

Zigaflow gives you the freedom to create and customise your own business documentation. Ranging from quotations to delivery notes and everything in between, you have complete control over every aspect of your documents.

Or, if time is short, you also have the option to download templates from our extensive library and tailor them to your specific needs.

Software quote template
Software quote template
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