Security Installation & Maintenance

To keep your customers’ assets safe and secure you’ll need to protect and monitor your own business too

Your business, in safe hands

Human presence will always be essential in many situations, however, so is the need for effective systems and analytics.

It’s important to have the right procedures, protocols, routines and communication channels in place to keep your customer assets safe.

And, for your business to be efficient, compliant and effective you need to have similar controls in place.

Zigaflow helps you automate key processes to provide certainty and reassurance for you and your customers.

Building your business for future success

Protect and enhance your business

Your whole business will operate more effectively with one, simple-to-use business management software.

All of your business processes – both remote and head office based, across sales, operations, service & finance, can be managed to suit your specific way of working.

And to ensure security and control of sensitive data, permissions can be set for different roles and users to give them everything they need, and only that.

Show your customers that you can be trusted to protect their valuable assets with a professional, efficiency and pro-active approach.

Control your business documents

Zigaflow enables you to create bespoke client documentation with ease, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Switch between different terms and conditions for each client, and add individual product specifications as required. Plus there’s the option to create your own PDF templates and bring documents to life using photographs and layout drawings.


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