Property Maintenance

Think of your business like a property.

It need's the right foundations, it needs to be watertight, secure, presentable. Now hold on to that and read on.

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Always maintain high standards

Most people might not realise the level of work which goes into property maintenance.

At the end of the day, you are looking after someone's assets. Your workmanship needs to be of the highest standard to ensure your customer continue to work with you.

It is important for you to be able to separate yourself from the pack, and demonstrate why potential new customers should entrust you to look after their properties.

To do this, you need to build trust from that very first quotation, and maintain that trust at every interaction with your customers, their potential tenants, neighbours and more. You may also have to try and do this while managing subcontractors too.

Zigaflow gives you all of the tools you need to manage your property maintenance business in a way in which your competitors just won't be able to.

provided detailed quotations and proposals to build trust and secure new business, implement automated messaging and site booking confirmations. Use eForms to get sign-off with photographic evidence from subcontractors, or to get tenants to report issues and faults.

There is so much you can do with Zigaflow, all you need is a bit of imagination about the company you want to be.

Bring Your Documents to Life

  • Add photos onsite directly on your smartphone to the quote or job
  • Split your quotes and jobs into different rooms or properties
  • Swap between different quote PDF templates easily, for example showing item prices or just not listing them
  • Add layout drawings to the quote and job as the single source
  • Add product specifications or fact sheets for items such as boilers to your quotes or let Zigaflow do that for you from the products specifications in the price list
Bring Your Documents to Life

Freedom To Customize

Not happy with look or design any of the templates on the system? Simply create your own using Microsoft Word and upload it to Zigaflow.

Start by downloading one of our existing templates and edit, add and modify to your hearts content as long as you follow our template guidelines.

Add photos, adjust layouts and change fonts.

If you have an existing design for your quotations, invoices, etc. and would like to carry that over into Zigaflow, contact us and our team will recreate it in Zigaflow to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Freedom To Customize

Workflow Made Easy

  • Keep all your quote and job documents in one place
  • Make quoting easier so more staff can produce them
  • Apply mark-ups easily to your sub-contractors’ prices
  • Optionally split your prices into equipment and labour
  • Create templates for frequent quotes or jobs such as damp proofing, boiler maintenance or smoke alarm servicing
  • Use the system to know exactly what quotes and jobs are outstanding and what needs to be chased
  • Create purchase orders (PO’s) or job instructions for subcontractors with one click, copying all relevant details over from the quote or job
  • Track these on one screen to ensure work is delivered on-time and billed
  • Monitor supplier costs and resulting profit on jobs
  • Add product specifications or fact sheets for items such as boilers to your quotes or let Zigaflow do that for you from the products specifications in the price list
  • You can configure the system’s status so that they reflect the way you work
  • Email your quotes, job confirmations and invoices to your client with the click of a button and see when they have opened them
  • Track your jobs using the workflow screens and drag and drop jobs to the next status
  • Convert quotes to jobs with one click
  • Create invoices from jobs and quotes and send to your clients with a couple of clicks
  • Export invoices to your accounts system with a click of a button

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