IT Services

Make sure new and existing customers have the detail they need to understand what you offer and how you differ from the competition

Stand out for customer care

With detailed services and a highly competitive market, your customers can find it difficult to compare different IT services providers.

However by sharing the right information and data, at the right time, you’ll make the process easy for them by communicating clearly what you offer.

Existing customers will have clear expectations and new customers will be able to pinpoint clearly the services you offer that are additional to and better than the rest.

Building your business for future success

Rationalise systems for ease and efficiency

Bringing together all of your team in one simple to use business management software makes sense.

Each of your business processes across sales, operations, service & finance will work together seamlessly to make your job easier and prevent errors.

Set permissions for different roles and users to give them everything they need – nothing more, nothing less.

Users across the office, the warehouse, working from home or out on site. You’ll all have instant access to real-time information at the click of a button.

Freedom to create your own documents

With Zigaflow you can design your own documentation or download a template from our extensive library – whatever works best for you.

Select from or create any type of document, from quotations to delivery notes. You have complete control over every aspect of your business documentation.


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