Zigaflow is the key piece in the jigsaw for this growing business, enabling revenues to increase by more than 360% in just 3 years.

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Designer and manufacturer of bespoke fitness equipment for leading gym brands across the UK and internationally.

Everything Jigsaw Fitness creates is designed and manufactured in-house, within the UK.

This includes high-impact events for Nike and Under Armour, boutique experiences for Flykick and BXR and bespoke solutions for Energie, Fitness First and Anytime Fitness.

Established over eight years ago, Jigsaw began working with Zigaflow in 2018.

Zigaflow has enabled Jigsaw Fitness to develop a more effective sales process, increase the efficiency of operations and improve decision making through enhanced performance monitoring.


Name: Sam Marsh

Company: Jigsaw Fitness

Company Position: Managing Director

Sector: Manufacturing and Retail

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Quotes that Excel

Jigsaw Fitness needed a quoting system that would save time for senior team members, and communicate its brand proposition in a competitive market. Lots of systems had been tried and tested – none did what was needed. Until Zigaflow.

“We’d been quoting on spreadsheets since I started the business”, says Managing Director Sam Marsh. “As we grew it became too labour intensive. We had inventory online for so many SKUs, linked up with lots of different spreadsheets. The larger we became the more challenging it was to try and teach new team members how to navigate this maze of spreadsheets. You only need to mess up one formula in Excel and then suddenly it’s pulling through all the wrong data. It wasn't viable for us given our levels of growth.”

Zigaflow was just what Sam had been looking for – intuitive, cloud-based, scalable. “What we do is quite visual and Zigaflow also enables us to build an attractive pdf in one hit – one that tells our story and reflects our position as a market leader for what we do,” he says. “The reduced time it now takes to do this frees up time for key members of our team to focus on other areas of the business.”

Zigaflow is integrated throughout Jigsaw Fitness. It’s the main CRM, informs factory operations and enables financial forecasting.

“Automation is one of the biggest benefits for us”, says Sam. “Customers are invoiced in a timely manner, as and when products are shipped. Packing lists and delivery notes are automatically generated too –the status of everything is on the system.”

Sam adds: “Zigaflow also gives us a snapshot of profit levels – right down to each project, which is invaluable. The clarity it provides really helps us to grow.”

“It’s the pillar on which we’ve built most of our business processes. Yes, the software has been part of a combination of different strategies, however it’s played a very important part. It’s the pillar on which we’ve built our business.”

Final thoughts

“Would I recommend Zigaflow to others? Absolutely. I have done.” says Sam.

“In fact I bore people senseless telling them how great it is. It’s fantastic.”