Automate Your Processes

Save on Staff Costs & Speed up Your Processes

Automate processes by linking actions together such as invoice creation, emailing confirmations and pushing data into other systems. Speed up your processes by triggering multiple actions (creating invoices, delivery notes, sending documents) all from one click

Save time and speed up your sales process

Complete Sales Quicker and Speed up Invoicing

Do you have to send a pro forma or deposit invoice before when a client accepts your quote? Zigaflow can create a pro forma or deposit invoice, send to the client and post into your accounts system. It speeds up your sales process and improves your cashflow.

Maybe your accounts person is only in once a week and you have to wait for them to send the invoices and put into your accounts system? Zigaflow automation allows a member of staff with no access to the invoices modules and accounts system to mark a job as completed - and this can create the invoice, send to the client and push into your accounts system. Your invoices go out earlier improving your cashflow and you removed a chunk of work from your account’s person. The system is flexible enough for you to set the what clients get an automated invoice and which don’t.

Improve internal communication

Something's Changed? Automatically Trigger Another Action

Maybe you want staff to get a notification when all the materials for a job have arrived? As supplier deliveries are booked in, if the purchase order is complete, the system can email staff and also move a job onto a new status (such as ‘Ready to Start’).

Get reports direct to your inbox

Automated Reporting

Get configurable reports sent your inbox every day or week highlighting any issues such as overdue purchase orders, quotes that need to be chased or jobs that are behind schedule.

Save time and reduce the pressure on staff

Highly Configurable

You can choose which clients or staff to automate actions for. Link to together as many or as few actions as you need.


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The trial gives you unrestricted functionality so you can quickly add, customise and send documents to your clients in seconds.

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