Automated Management Reporting

Highly Configurable & Automatically Sent to Your Inbox

Create custom email reports

Know What’s Happening Without Having to Ask

Zigaflow allows you create custom email reports that can be sent every day or every selected weekday to your selected managers.

Report on:

  • Quotes that need to be chased
  • Jobs/Sales Orders/Projects behind schedule
  • Jobs/Sales Orders/Projects that have been stuck for an unusually long period, for example, where the pro forma is still to be paid
  • Jobs/Sales Orders/Projects that need to be invoiced
  • Overdue purchase orders
  • Delivery notes that have not been signed for
  • Invoices that have not been sent

Reports can be configured by recipient

Different Reports for Different Managers

Each report can be configured by recipient. For example, a sales manager can receive a report summarising only the flagged quotes, including links to each one. However, for a manager covering the whole business a report can summarise issues across all their areas but not show each flagged quote/job/invoice/etc.


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