One system for your business. Simplify processes, reduce administration tasks and improve the quality of your operations


One system for your business. Simplify processes, reduce administration tasks and improve the quality of your operations


One system for your business. Simplify processes, reduce administration tasks and improve the quality of your operations.

Zigaflow features mean you can use one system for your business. Simplify, reduce administration and improve the quality of your processes.

See at a glance what is happening with your opportunities.

CRM, Opportunity Pipeline & Calendar

Store client details, including sites and contacts. Track your conversations and view all the opportunities, quotes, jobs/orders, invoices and more in one screen.

Schedule calls to clients and receive daily reminders to make these.

Restrict access to clients to named staffed members.

Manage your jobs and staff on one screen.

Orders / Jobs / Projects Management

Track from start to finish. Use an Order/Job to generate invoices, delivery notes and purchase orders at the click of a button.

Monitor forecast versus actual costs as the job progresses.

Get an electronic signature from your client to confirm the work before starting.

Schedule staff and jobs visually.

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Quotation Software - Flexible and Professional

Create and send personalised, professional, and attractive quotes using from the library of PDF templates, or create your own to match your business branding.

You have complete control of how your Quotes look. Include your logo, T&C's, information about your company or product. Add front cover pages to quotes to really make an impact.

Control access to quotes, including visibility to different staff, how much discount can be given, even prevent sales staff from changing prices.

The quotation tool also allows you to quote for simple products and services, including labour, as well as hire durations, support, and maintenance contracts.

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Create certificates in seconds from information submitted in the field

Integrated eForms

eForms allow you to reach out to request information via email or SMS from your staff, customers or sub-contracts.

Returned information, including photos, is automatically updated onto the quote, job or purchase order, saving double typing and ensuring the information is easy to retrieve.

Create certificates automatically, associated to the job or purchase order, and send to the client.

Generate RAMS, Health & Safety Assessments, Checklists, Fault Reports and more.

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Create invoices in seconds from quotes, jobs, contracts, invoice and delivery notes


Send instantly to your accounts software

Generate and send invoices at the click of button from quotes, jobs and delivery notes. Automatic linking makes it easy to see what you've billed.

Create pro forma, part, and full invoices, and credit notes, and post them into your accounts system at the click of a button.

Easily switch PDF templates for different types of invoices or brands.

Ask for credit card payment using the integrated payment system.

Non-accounts staff can generate and send invoice without having access to your accounts system - meaning your invoices go out sooner.

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Visual track when Purchase Orders Deliveries are due.

Purchase Orders

Take the time out of generating purchase orders by creating multiple purchase orders from one quote or job/order and emailing directly to the suppliers.

Track them using expected and supplier promised dates.

The flexible PDF templates allow you to send the correct information.

Optionally, book purchase order items directly into stock.

Configurable management reports email

Automated Management Reports

Zigaflow's Business Management Software allows you create custom email reports that can be sent every day or every selected weekday to your selected managers.

Report on:

  • Quotes that need to be chased
  • Jobs/Sales Orders/Projects behind schedule
  • Jobs/Sales Orders/Projects that have been stuck for an unusually long period, for example, where the pro forma is still to be paid
  • Jobs/Sales Orders/Projects that need to be invoiced
  • Overdue purchase orders
  • Delivery notes that have not been signed for
  • Invoices that have not been sent

Different Reports for Different Managers

Each report can be configured by recipient. For example, a sales manager can receive a report summarising only the flagged quotes, including links to each one. However, for a manager covering the whole business a report can summarise issues across all their areas but not show each flagged quote/job/invoice/etc.

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Track sales performance by sales person and customer

In-Depth Reporting

See total sales, profit, margin and averages and slice these by customer, sales person and dates.

Managers can easily export to Excel for bespoke analysis.

Use leaderboards for the top 10 clients and the top 10 sales people, ideal for displaying on a big screen.

Book stock in and out of locations

Stock Control / Inventory Management

Manage stock across different locations. Book into stock from Purchase Orders and out of stock using Delivery Notes.

Manage items in stock by SKU or serial number.

Use minimum and maximum levels to track stock positions.

Trace stock movement in the stock log.

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Track contracts and generate invoices automatically.

Contracts Management

Support, Servicing, Maintenance, Software

Generate and send contracts for eSignature approval by clients.

Auto-generate invoices at the end of every month (or another period).

Invoices are calculated on the number of items that month (i.e. the number of licences) or a proportion on the contract value.

Invoices can be automatically sent to your clients automatically and posted into your accounts software with no human intervention.

Link multiple automations to save your staff time.

Automate Processes

Get the Business Management Software to do your repetitive tasks and save your staff time. Zigaflow can automatically:

  • Create invoices, jobs, delivery notes, etc.
  • Email clients
  • Push invoices directly into your accounts package

Include images, specifications details, alternative itesm and attached files.

Products and Services

Store tens of thousands of products and services. Import easily from Excel or using the API.

Use different prices for different clients and use multiple currencies.

Group products or services together in kits/bundles. Set up alternative and associated products to help your sales staff find the right ones.

Manage multiple product images. Add specifications sheets and user manuals to products - these are automatically added to all the tools in the Business Management Software when a product is included.

Build Terms and Conditions based entirely on the products you add.

Add custom fields for your industry - such as 'Finish' or 'Dimensions'.

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Build many types of forms from spare part requests, simple client inquiries to more complex quote requests.

Client Pages

Completely customizable eForms linked to your website that post information directly into your Business Management Software. Clients can also upload photos.

Create forms such as Client Issue Reporting, Sales Inquiries, and Spare Part Request.

New clients can be added automatically to the system from their submission without any manual intervention.

Automatically create quotes or jobs from Ticket submissions.

Each submission creates a ticket.

Prioritize tickets and assign to staff in seconds.

Service Tickets

Create service tickets from Client pages or manually.

Prioritize tickets, and assign to a team member.

Report on start to end times for SLA's.

Create quotes and jobs from tickets at the click of a button.

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See at a glance what is happening with your orders.

Instant Visibility, and Drag & Drop

Quickly see what the situation is with each order, quote, purchase order, etc. and drag and drop them through stages/statuses. The pipeline or workflow in each tool system look the same.

Generate delivery notes from Jobs/Orders and create invoices from them.

Delivery Notes

Create delivery notes from Jobs/Orders

Show items delivered, items ordered and items remaining.

Optionally book products out of stock.

Rename tools, hide fields, set your own stages/statuses.


Zigaflow is flexible and customizable to match your existing workflows as much as possible.

Change the stages/statuses that quotes, jobs, etc. can move through, including their name, colour and order.

Rename some of the tools to match your business terminology (for example, instead of Jobs you may prefer 'Orders' or 'Projects') and hide text boxes you don't need to see.

Add in your own custom fields so the system holds all the data you need.

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Work Anytime, Work Anywhere

Zigaflow has been designed and developed to be mobile friendly. Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone and conduct your business from your home, coffee shop and even a building site.

Upload files, photos and notes directly from your phone or tablet to Zigaflow. Even use voice-to-text functionality to convert their spoken words to text directly, saving valuable time.

Zigaflow has been designed and developed to be mobile friendly.
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Automate and Sync to Other Leading Cloud Systems

Import and Export Data from Other Accounting Cloud Systems

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See how Zigaflow has Helped Others

“Easy to use and customise”

"I am getting everything I require through the Zigaflow system plus more bonuses than I would’ve expected. The cost was well within our budget and the only extras are those available any time I wish to upgrade at any time.

The set-up is personal and very helpful and I am extremely happy with everything, especially how easy the system is to use and customise. Thanks again – One more very happy customer."

John Scott, F&S Contract Furniture

“Track customer orders from quotation to delivery and invoicing”

"We needed an online system which would allow us to track customer orders right through from quotation to delivery and invoicing.

Until then we had an accounts package which allowed us to produce Quotation, POs, and Invoices but didn’t really link them together.

What we wanted to produce more professional looking quotations, which also allowed the client to change the options included and then submit, all directly from the same system.

I would certainly recommend this system to any company which is looking for a flexible online solution at a very affordable price."

Mr D Poulter, Director, Irvine Knight

“Speed up processes and convert more sales”

"We have been using the system for over a year and it has transformed our business. With the help from the Zigaflow team we’ve been able to improve systems, speed up processes and convert more sales.

We searched for a solution for months and this was the only one for us. I would strongly advise trying Zigaflow out for your business."

Jason McAuley, Managing Director, Plant-I

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