GDPR and Zigaflow

The GDPR was brought in to protect individuals right to privacy and also provide the 'right to be forgotton'.

Zigaflow are the 'Data Processor' and you are the 'Data Controller'. Usually, the individual ('Data Subject') who wants to be removed from the system will approach you first. If they approach us first we will contact you for you to deal with it. This is all covered in our Terms and Conditions.

Zigaflow does not collect personal data on your behalf and you have complete control of any of your clients' personal data.

How to Manage Your GDPR Obligations on Zigaflow

Deleting personal information.

Deleting from the client or supplier record

  • Go into the the client or supplier record where the contact exists.
  • Select the contact and click on the delete button.
  • They are permanently removed from the database.

Zigaflow Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office with the reference ZA262432.