Choosing the Right Quotation Software

Know What is Important to You

You may have to prioritise one or more requirements over another depending on the systems you are looking at, so it pays to be clear on what you want. We recommend creating a list and it may include:

  • Improving your success rate with quotations
  • Looking more professional
  • Speeding up your quotation process
  • Saving time
  • Freeing up experienced staff by deskilling the process
  • Not forgetting about quotations so you chase them up
  • Access to the system from outside the office, for example at home or onsite with your mobile phone
  • Connect to other tools, for example for creating and sending invoices

Run a Trial of the Quotation Software

Ideally, you should be able to run a trial of the quotation software for a couple of weeks. Make use of the vendor’s assistance to test it fully.

Once you have selected one or more systems, get the prices and the length of the contracts. Some, such as Zigaflow, have one month’s notice but others have a minimum of one or two years, which will make them expensive if their system doesn’t work as you expected.

At this point you will need to prioritise your requirements, as its unlikely one system will do everything, and different systems will offer different benefits.

Calculate Your Savings

There are several ways of looking at your return on investment in quotation software:

  • Increased sales
  • Time saved
  • Deskilling, so less experienced staff can quote

Calculating increased sales before you use the quoting software is going to be nothing more than a wild guess. However, from the trial you will be able to calculate with more accuracy the time saved and how much deskilling will occur.

There are other not measurable benefits, such as a better view of your business, but these are more a matter of opinion.

Use your expected savings and benefits and compare against the the price of the quotation software to help you make your decision.

We’ve produced an infographic to help you with this: