Small Business Management Software

Upgrade & Automate Your Business Processes

Take Your Customer Service to a New High

Small Business Management Software

Upgrade & Automate Your Business Processes

Elevate Your Customer Service to a New High

Small Business Management Software

Upgrade & Automate Your Business Processes

Elevate Your Customer Service to a New High

Online software Zigaflow reduces the time it takes you produce quotes, convert to Invoices, Delivery Notes and Purchase Orders, and know your Project/Job profitability.

Drop Spreadsheets, Manual Document Creation and Copy/Paste

Put all your business functions into one Cloud-Based Business Management System

Take control of your business processes with the Business Management Solution that runs from opportunities all the way through to invoices and more. Run your business from the office or remotely with staff easily able to access the system from their homes.

Accelerate your growth by automating your processes and raising your customer services performance.

Works on tablets and phones

Zigaflow Includes

  • CRM - Track your clients and get reminders to contact them
  • Pipeline Opportunities Management - Manage your leads
  • Quotations - Create professional quotes with its powerful quotation software
  • Sales Orders/Jobs/Project Management - Send confirmations, create worksheets and schedule
  • Purchase Orders - Generate from jobs and track delivery dates.
  • Invoices - Generate from Quotes or Sales Orders and push directly into your accounts system
  • Delivery Notes - Book out from stock or directly from a Sales Order/Job
  • Stock Control - Including Serial Number and Batch Tracking
  • Contracts - Manage your support, maintenance and warranties and never forget a renewal date
  • eForms - Build your own to pull information in from customers, suppliers and staff. Create certificates, site surveys, artwork approvals, and more
  • Tickets - Accept and manage client requests

Use these tools together, or on their own.

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Automated emails and responses

Works Brilliantly With

Keep your customers, suppliers, products and services synchronized across systems.

Push invoices, purchase orders & supplier invoices into your accounts system.

Powerful Reportings

Get Business Intelligence

Instantly report on your business' performance.

Easy-to-use and understand reporting on each business process and by customers, suppliers, products, services and sales people.

Zigaflow's Business Management Software enables you to dig deep and find out what is happening across each business function. Report across your entire business - Quotes, Jobs/Orders, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoices and Contracts.

Remove room for error with structured processes

Fit the system round your business

A flexible, configurable solution.

Mirror and improve your company's processes in the system. Use your naming conventions to help your users to adopt the system.

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Link up and control all your processes.

Improve Customer Service

Intelligent Customer Communication.

Sophisticated automatic client email communication is built into each business process meaning your clients are always kept up to date with what you are doing for them, improving client satisfaction and reducing the demand for support.

Request and send information to your clients using mobile-enabled pages, with no need for them to install a mobile app to communicate with you.

Remove room for error with structured processes

Save Staff Time & Cut Out Errors

Remove the stress of ensuring processes are followed.

Zigaflow's automation will do the repetitive work instead of your staff.

Embed knowledge about how to work with different clients into the automation so the correct processes are always followed and you are not reliant on staff knowledge

Guarantee that the same processes will be run each time and when expected.

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Upload or let your client upload files directly into the system.

Store Files in One Place

Quickly find information, certificates and other files for jobs.

No more hunting around for files connected to a job - once added they are easy to find, whether from a delivery note, uploaded by your client directly into Zigaflow, or a survey or certificate created by Zigaflow.

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